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    Engel or Waeco...

    I have been using Engels (32L, 40L and 60L units) for 40 years with great reliability. My first model (60L) stopped working after 35 years. So I wont shift to another brand. I have never had an issue with noise. A few of my mates who also use Engels as a first choice have bought a 50l Waeco...
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    Battery advice

    I would get a battery that was the same size and terminal arrangement as your main battery but a hybrid crank and deep cycle. This permits you to swap the batteries if you are stuck. But this option may only give you 4 to 5 years battery life. A good deep cycle gel battery will last up to...
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    Dwellingup tracks

    Here are some maps/notes that might help Mike
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    Calling all West Aussies

    i'm number 3
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    Goodyear Wrangler Adventure Kevlar any good?

    Same here. I have been using the Goodtyear Wrangler ATs for over 30 years without issues. Good millage. Better sidewalls that the kevlar version offers would be a great advantage.
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    Battery voltage vs % charge

    All brand name battery manufacturers publish the battery specs and discharge curves. But as you say if you don't know where to look or who to ask its not easy to find this stuff.
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    Electrical Apprenticeship

    Contact Master Electricians and NECA and ask them if they could suggest some companies who you could approach. Not sure of the lay of the land in Vic but NECA in WA are one of the biggest employers of elecrtcal apprentices in WA (they operate under the name of Electrical Group Training - EGT)...
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    Whats your favourite reel?

    Mitchell 499 with modified (enlarged) aluminium spool and shortened handle.
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    4wd Recovery Tracks

    Yes its quick and easy. Before heading bush I lift the rubber insert in the racks (pre cut), remove the end caps and then slide in the mounting nuts with bolts and brackets to the roof rack. To get the roof rack end caps on I have filed them level with the top of the racks (depending...
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    4wd Recovery Tracks

    IMO you cant go past the MaxTrax. If you are a BCF member in WA you get 20% off them at Supercheap this weekend. I have not used them on my car but on other cars especially ones with first time 4WD drivers on maiden trips. I mount mine off the roof rack using a TraxRax. Since this...
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    Quick tent

    I have a black wolf turbo 270. Ideal size and quite compact for this type of tent. You can only get them from BCF. Good buy when on special.
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    Ozi Android Shuts Down While Viewing A Map

    What size map image file are you using? The file must be smaller than 2GB as android can't deal with a file larger than 2GB.
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    External GPS to Laptop Problem

    Try running Ozi ect in XP mode. Right click and select run in .... I had this issue years ago and installede windows xp as a dual boot. But in the end it was easier to buy a tablet with built in GPS.
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    Ebay portable solar panels

    Have a look at the fold up panels by Projecta. They are very compact. But dearer at around $450 for 80W and $550 for 120W. See: Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits I use the older style 120W fold ups but they are bulky. Mike
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    Maxtrax vs Treds

    I have 2 sets of Maxtraxs mounted on a TraxRak. Brilliant. One difference, other than their shape is that the Maxtrax is made out of reinforced nylon whereas the Treds are made from Polyolefin. If you wait you can get the Maxtrax from Supercheap or Rays etc when they have their 20 or 30%...
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    Recovery gone wrong

    This series is shown in Perth on 72 from 29 November.
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    Ozi Android Track Up

    I'm using an acer 10" tablet and course up (on/off) works perfectly from the arrow on the screen. What version of ozi android are you using? I'm using Beta version 1.21 The course up option can only be turned on and off from the arrow on the main screen. It's a beta version and it has...
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    Toyota Prado 150 Series GXL Turbo Diesel 2010

    I assume there is no difference between the 2010 and 2013 GXL models. Slide the rear seats back as far as they will go, push the head rest down and then pull the lever (top at the back of the seat near the window) and they fold flat.
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    Toyota Prado 150 Series GXL Turbo Diesel 2010

    The back passenger seats in my 2013 150 GXL fold flat. They also tilt and roll forward to get acess to the seven seats. The saleman who sold me the car told me it was not possible until I showed him how to do it. He had obvioulsy never tried it! We have a work 2009 GXL and the seats in...
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    Telstra Mobile

    Kogan have a telstra 3G repeater for $750. See: Nextivity Cel-Fi 3G Smart Repeater & Booster | Mobile Accessories | Tablets & Laptops