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    tracks around harvey / dwellingup

    Found this video the other day looking around at places also Wellington dam has a power lines track but would check with locals to see what its like at the moment. I went up Adelaide track the other day Adelaide Track - 4x4 Earth Australia for...
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    Vehicle Recovery

    I thought there was a post in the ground about 15meters before the estuary warning people about crossing (I haven't actually read it) and if you drive onto the beach at wonnerup access there's a big sign saying from boat ramp to estuary is where you can drive.
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    Vehicle Recovery

    A good time of year to pay attention to water crossings or maybe not crossing... Wonnerup car-tastrophe | Busselton-Dunsborough Mail
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    Why is it.......

    Dogs are smart common guys they know that if they crap when the mowers going its going to be spread all over, and they love to enjoy that awesome dog crap smell every where :D
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    Playing a leading role with Idiots

    The other day I went looking for places around Perth to go 4x4 and found Glen Mervyn dam and then the news report from earlier in the year. "A BOAT owner who complained about two boats racing on a dam at a popular campsite was attacked and left with a broken jaw and nose and suspected skull...
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    Tracks close to Perth

    Hi Hema have a book out, Day trips from Perth, haven't got it myself yet but will do soon. page might be of interest to you. Cant link it as a hyper-link just yet. Dingo
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Taken just north of Prevelly down near Margaret River WA
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    Gregory's 4WD Survival Guide: Driving Skills, Troubleshooting and Vehicle Maintenance

    Saw one off those at BCF yesterday, didn't catch the price as the eftpos was down so buying anything wasn't happening.
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    Picked up the Challenger on Friday night, I am stoked to have it. Took it for spin to Perth on Sunday. Just working on what needs to be kept in there as essential, got the tool box, and going to get a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
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    Hi guys, looking forward to to learning from you on 4x4ing as I hope to be getting into a new Challenger in the next few weeks if i can.