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    lake cobbler.

    Hi All, a bit late now, sorry, but I can definitly confirm that there is NO staircase. I pulled a camper trailer up there in the week before easter !! there is also no "muesli track" as shown on Google- it must be a walking track. Its not shown on roof top series. Cobbler Lake track is Ok but...
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    4WD training course VIC

    Thanks All for the responses. I'll do a ring around. Cheers
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    4WD training course VIC

    HI everyone, Ive been driving 4x4 for a while and have never had any problems but every time Im out with another vehicle they tell me they did a 4x4 training course and learned heaps (which they pass on anyway) I have some time off work coming up and thought it might be fun (and educational)...
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    An elderly couple were sitting in church for their usual Sunday service. During a paritularly quiet part of the service the old girl giggles and leans over to hubby and says " i just snuck out a quiet fart" He lent towards her and replied "Darling, when we get home you need to replace the...
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    Museli Spur Track

    I thought the that it might be a walking track - and overgrown ant the fact no-one can confirm either means no one has driven it. its all just (pardon the pun) speculation. !! Im towing a camper so if I dont run into anyone coming down or on the radio to tell me Staircase is gone, I'll go...
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    Innamicka to Uluru

    Hey Fellas, WOW, Talc Alf........ My dad (now 85 yo) took me out there nearly 25 years ago - we stopped in to see Talc Alf and bought some carved talc stone trinkets. Good to see he's still around- I'll let dad know- he'll be pleased. We also did the Gunbarrel back then and I have very vivid...
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    Museli Spur Track

    Hey Ozone, When are you going? have you been since you posted the question? . I asked the exact same question on here not long ago - see newbie forum - "track knowledge around cobbler requested" None of the guys on here had been there for a while so no answers. I have read on other sites...
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    Coming out of the shadows

    Hi Yarrum, Im new to the site too and do more touring than the seriously rough stuff. I love it but only when Im with other vehicles, but with a young family they get a bit bored. We tow an off road camper as well, behind a bog standard Jackaroo (except for rubber) Heading off at end of this...
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    Portable electric winch ??

    Thanks Mr Rudd, I had seen most of the winch forum threads but none really answered my question. I'll google around a bit. I was hoping someone had used one. Cheers.
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    Portable electric winch ??

    Hi Eveyone, I have heard that there is such a thing as a portable electric winch that you store in the back with your gear and set up when needed running of 12V lead. Does any one have any knowledge of these, if they exist and if they are any good. Perhaps they are designed for other purpose...
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    Holden Jackaroo 3.2 petrol 1994

    HI there, I have a 2000 Jackaroo and I love it. Shes thirsty though 15 lt/ 100km Completely stock apart from BFG AT tyres and I can tell you that on more than a few occasions I have been able to continue where a Modified Partol couldnt -it could have been the line, could have been the...
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    Track knowledge around Cobler requested please be able to PM.....
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    Track knowledge around Cobler requested please

    Thanks Bushnut for the quick response. I have read that staircase has recently been bulldozed and is "no longer"
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    Track knowledge around Cobler requested please

    Hi there, Ive been reading your site for ages and gained heaps, thanks. Im heading up through lake Cobbler soon but having trouble with choosing a route from Circuit rd. I am towing a camper. Was thinking about heading off Circuit rd down to speculation trk and up via the staircase (where...