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    GU roof CONSOLE

    Its made out of 9 mm ply, i had a template for the roof contour, which i got from one of the guys from the Patrol forum. the rest i contoured to suit my needs. Cost all up about $220. But a lot of hours to get it right.
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    GU roof CONSOLE

    I used the holes that the sun glass and map light uses, and the rear interior light holes.
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    GU roof CONSOLE

    I made this,then got a trimmer to finnish the job.
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    Buying a 4bie.. your stories

    My Son went to look at a GQ at Portland vic and we live over 5 hours south of it, sounded good on the phone he wanted 8k for it. I told my son to take a deposit of $500 just in case it was any good. Any way he gets there that morning after staying in Portland that night to see the Gq, my sons...
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    Whats the best air compressor

    Hi Guys. Looking at buying a new compressor, whats your joice, what do you have or what would you get next time. Cheers Rob
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    chainsaws for 4x4

    Hi How do you guys carry chainsaws in your trucks when you go 4x4 and what size and brand do you use. Cheers Rob
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    3 inch exhaust for 4.2 patrol 03

    3inch I put the same system on mine, and it did make a difference. A lot of guys run no muffler, they sound good if you are into that. Makes them breath and the turbo spool up a lot quicker. Cheers Rob.
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    Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    I must agree i fitted one to a Hilux petrol did not make any difference i took it of when i sold it . But i did Persist with it , i rang the agent up, who sold it to me he had all excuses , what i might have not checked to make it work properly, like car not running correct temp and other stuff...
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    Buying turbos

    MrFred. I would check for end play and up and down movement in the Turbo, but i see you are in Canberra. Ask wreckers if there is any warranty Cheers Rob
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    Double din stereo dvd gps

    What brand do you guys have, are you happy with It, can you recommended any brand not to expensive. like something that i can use for reverse camera as well, Cheers Rob
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    3inch exhaust its in

    LowLux. It went on a Patrol GU 4.2 td, I read every forum i could, didnt go for any particular brand name, just went through my local exhaust place and shopped around for the best price. Cheers Rob
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    4.2 Patrol Boost controller?

    Which controller do you guys recommended for 4.2 diesel patrol. ThanksRob
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    3inch exhaust its in

    Cannot believe the difference straight away, drove it straight out of the workshop down the end of rd BIG noticeable difference. Im really happy, bolted up real easy, no note tho, the best $720 i spent. What to do next mmmmmm. Cheers Rob
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    Picked up my exhaust

    Nickj. I went full 3inch, dump pipe as well, with muffler. will be fitting it sat. I got it through my local exhaust place, my son got it trade. $720 Cheers Rob
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    Picked up my exhaust

    Cant believe how big it is, you have 3inches in your mind, but when you see it its massive, cant wait to fit it. Cheers Rob
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    Just ordered 3inch mandrel with dump

    Pick it tomorrow hopefuly, will fit it on sat, its going on Patrol 4.2 turbo, hope it will make a difference. Will let you no. Cheers Rob
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    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    Couger the bottle that is jokes aside fist aid kit
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    Who buys their fuel from Coles?

    Deisel I think Coles and BP are always dearer than most of others, and i think you can pay more for groceries. What we should do is black ban one servo, say Coles and buy some were else, say for two weeks and see if they would bring there prices down, and for it to work you would have to get...
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    Nissan GU 4.2 How do I adjust the boost?

    Gippsurfer. Its a nissan gu 4.2 if thats any help. Cheers Rob
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    My little Truck is on the front of Track Watch

    Bushnut. Is Track Watch a mag if so were do you get it. Cheers Rob