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  1. 4x4_Mate

    4x4Earth Spam

    Just got this email guys. Don't get tricked into it. Definitely spam. I am not a paying customer. Also coming from not .au
  2. 4x4_Mate

    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Yeah. Its a good work around for now. Also it should still sync okay. You need to ensure you have sync enabled from the settings. Also if you click on last sync it will manually sync to the cloud.
  3. 4x4_Mate

    10 Huts In One Weekend

    In the middle of the Pandemic of lockdown here in Victoria. Unable to leave our homes, unable to see family and friends, made this is a very dark place for us all I am sure. I was looking back at my goals I had noted at the start of the year and set out to smash it out. Organise and lead 1 big...
  4. 4x4_Mate

    Warn winch noise?

    I will go and record some sound for you today when I get a break.
  5. 4x4_Mate

    Warn winch noise?

    I think mine sounds pretty similar mate. Most likely because it's not under load.
  6. 4x4_Mate

    Hema Explorer App android issues

    By guess is they are doing this purposely to make people buy the new version released not so long ago.
  7. 4x4_Mate

    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Good Stuff mate. I did this with Mud Maps a while ago when they stopped supporting Android. Will have to do it again with Hema. Bloody annoying, as now I will have to turn off auto update I guess. Cheers,
  8. 4x4_Mate

    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Mate, I am having the same problem. The app use to be my go to. Since the latest update, the app keeps crashing, Unable to record my route or even use it. Bloody rubbish. I am going to have to find an alternative.
  9. 4x4_Mate

    Mapping on 7" Android tablet

    What maps you guys running in MM? I traditionally use Hema on my Android phone. I have recently added the iPad due to better app functionality using the same as @sharkcaver. I been toying with Avenza maps on iPad lately which I find to be pretty good.
  10. 4x4_Mate

    Absolutely ridiculous advertising sizes... again.

    I've worked in the Ad Industry for over 10 years now and worked closely to some of the top Product and Sales people in Oz. I suggest to look up IAB Standard Ad sizes and add in some exclusions in your Google setting to not include interstitials/take overs. Get rid of the auto ads. They are no...
  11. 4x4_Mate

    Raslarr Bar Work

    Recently got some new bar work done on the Patrol by Raslarr. Absolutely loving not it so far. Scrub Rails Rocks Sliders Rear Bar with a wheel carrier and 2 Gerri can holders. The rig is a 4.8 Patrol so will definitely need the extra geri cans for bigger trips. Here is some before and after...
  12. 4x4_Mate

    Induction cooking

    Ha ha, Haven't got that far yet. But that is criminal.
  13. 4x4_Mate

    Induction cooking

    I think this is what your after. Drifta do have a good setup using the Simarine BMS and the induction cook top. (which I love (Although don't own one)). Uses up a bit of power.
  14. 4x4_Mate

    Why I am grateful for 4wding.

    1st let me tell you a little story. Right before I turned 1 I had lost my mum. She had committed suicide, she had postnatal depression. My dad bought me up as a single child. Dad was quite the entrepreneur. Over the years he had multiple business ideas. The two that came to fruition was sign...
  15. 4x4_Mate

    4WD supacentre gets a slap on the wrist .

    Sorry, I realise I should have been more descriptive in the title.
  16. 4x4_Mate

    Always knew something was up. Outdoor Supacentre Pty Ltd, trading as 4WD Supacentre, has paid $63,000 in penalties after the ACCC issued it with five infringement notices for allegedly misleading consumers about ‘was/now’...
  17. 4x4_Mate

    2nd Attempt at running fridge cable

    Nice one mate. Cheers.
  18. 4x4_Mate

    2nd Attempt at running fridge cable

    Yeah, I have been keen on it since I seen it. If you look to do it. Don't make the mistake I did and get the wrong ones. Get the ones where you can lift the tabs and feed the wire that way. Hopefully will...
  19. 4x4_Mate

    2nd Attempt at running fridge cable

    This is what I mean by the lazy version ;)