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    Catch cans aint Catch cans

    Hpd catch can. Waste of time and money
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    Employee crushes own work ute with haul truck.

    If it was a pajero we wouldn't have even heard about it........
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    I believe the RSL is still open, I haven't heard any different. I will check on Friday night when I head to the local and let you know if that's not too late. We will remember them. PS Looks like Peterborough is the closest RSL using the locator. LOCK YOUR DOORS!
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    Are you taking your 2wd off road into the Vic. high country tracks?

    I would spend the money on swags for the homeless......
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    Elton John had already written a song for his funeral, something about a 10 year old blowing his candle.......
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    What GPS equipment does everyone use?

    Dots per inch
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    The Rivian

    $60 grand Au for the kona
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    The Rivian

    Interesting debate on EV's. I think recharging stations will become more available as time goes on, being solar with battery banks and not to rely on the grid. I'm not sure about at camp sites though, but if the demand is there it may well happen. Where I have a problem with EV is when...
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    Climate Change - Biggest Money Making Con of the Century or Imminent Extinction of the Human Race

    I skipped the last 3 pages lol. Fossil fuels are bad. Burn as much as you can....
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    Not a 4x4... Enjoying the easy tracks...

    Sharp as a bowling ball.....
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    Newbie-Looking for advice on a vehicle

    Yeah this one i saw has 2 gas tanks that have just been certified. One owner got me. Hell i might even buy it myself!
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    Newbie-Looking for advice on a vehicle

    May I add. This 105 is one owner, older gentlemen. No fruit. Stock as a block. He is asking around 10. Only reason He is selling, he just bought a brand new one. All offers considered. In SA
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    Newbie-Looking for advice on a vehicle

    What state are you located? Got a 105 with 200k on the clock. Twin gas tanks and petrol. In SA
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    Fridge wiring size help please!

    I would recommend using anderson plugs for the fridge these days. They never come loose losing your fridge temp.
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    Holden Colorado Randomly fails to start

    Take it to a mechanic
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    Stainless snorkel vs airtec

    Good advice. I threw mine in the bin years ago
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    Stainless snorkel vs airtec

    Get the stainless and a man bun