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    Triton MR aka Grumblebee

    Welcome mate. Love the colour. Have to say this model Triton has grown on me. Enjoy the rig and the outdoors
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    Flat Roof rack - which brand

    I've been eyeing this one off, i want something with sides on it so i can mount a shovel etc.
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    Should this be a deal breaker?

    Where I did my apprenticeship, we used to on sell ex-government vehicles. The number of 12-18 month old Cruisers and Rangers that would be written off due to rusted chassis's and seams was astronomical. As others have said, that looks rooted, unless you can get it cheap as and do a bare metal...
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    Fridge in your 4wd - why did you get one?

    I bought a Dometic 55L icebox that i still use currently, as I'm only going away on weekenders due to work. It serves me fine at the moment, stocked properly with ice bricks and servo ice, can easily get away with enough space for food/beers for 2 of us for the weekend. I usually leave it in the...
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    Aussie with a 60 series in Miami Beach

    The place where i started my apprenticeship used to deal in ex-government vehicles, getting them prepped or resale. We routinely saw 12-18 month old Rangers and Landcruisers becoming statutory write offs due to rusted out chassis/seams/shells. They were ex park ranger vehicles from...
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    Hello from Brisbane

    G'day all Thanks for the add. Names Tony, and i recently bought a 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger. After always owning Commodores my whole life, its a welcome change and my first 4x4 Been lurking here for a while, but just wanted to check in and say hello to you all. Rigs pretty stock at the...