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  1. ToyPrado

    Best time to do Boarder Track

    Hi all, Planning to do Boarder tr this year with a few blokes on a bit of a boys trip. What time of year is best? Are there seasonal closures? David
  2. ToyPrado

    LSA conversion

    Hi ALL Does anyone know of anyone who has done a LSA 6.2lt conversion to a 100 series V8 petrol? David
  3. ToyPrado

    Day Trips out of Licola

    Hey All I am staying up at licola over Easter and have a neighbour new to off road driving. Would it possible to tak a stock pajero into MacCalister Gorge on a little day trip? I have a well set up 100 series which Im confident in. Is there much down there to see and for kids to have a play...
  4. ToyPrado

    VHC Wonnagatta boys trip 2016

    Hi All , This is a short video of out first boys trip December 2016. Im sure many will have been to Wonnagatta but the first time for my group of friends and 20 years since I was there in My SWB Patrol. David
  5. ToyPrado

    Seasoning new OZTrail Swag (Courtesy of BFG tyre promtion)

    Hi All, I just received my free swag in the BFG promotion. I have seasoned the swag outside, however the foam mattress is very compressed. How long would/should it take to go back to its full state? David
  6. ToyPrado

    Jindabyne to Buchan via Barry Way in winter

    Hi All We are leaving today on holidays with the camper trailer to Canberra and will be heading to Thredbo to camp and going skiing. I wish to return via Buchan and Bainsdale. Does anyone know if the Barry Way Rd is open all year round? David
  7. ToyPrado

    Melbourne Flinders Ranges RTN in 8 days over July Holidays- Itinerary

    Hi All Well after many months planning (chatting and drinking) we head off to the Flinders Ranges. I have read some great reports on here and Facebook and learned a lot. I feel so under prepared and overwhelmed at work it scary. Day 1 I am working at 7 am teaching a pastry class at Tafe...
  8. ToyPrado

    Flinders Ranges road advice.

    HI All We are heading to the F.R. at the start of July and Im starting to get concerned about the rain and road closures. Does anyone have any updated knowledge on the road from Yunta to Arkaroola? Regards
  9. ToyPrado

    Yunta, S.A to Arkaroola, North Flinders Ranges

    HI all We are heading to Flinders Ranges and looking to possibly cut across from Broken hill west into South Australia on our way to Arkaroola for a few night. Im keen to do parts of this on the dirt to test out the cars and campers before we do central next year. I was wondering if anyone...
  10. ToyPrado

    Melbourne Flinders Ranges RTN in 8 days over July Holidays

    HI All We have made a quick decision to take the kids away to the Flinders Ranges on the holidays. I am working 7 days a week atm (actually for the next 6 weeks). Due to work, my wife will leave Melbourne on a Thursday and tow camper in convoy , with friends to Adelaide via a stop over(. to...
  11. ToyPrado

    Exhaust mod for V8 100 series

    HI All I am wanting to improve the sound (and possibly power) a bit from the V8. I am currently fitting a snorkel add wondering whether Is there specific part of the exhaust that can be swapped over to achieve this instead of replacing the whole system? Any recommendations or feedback, Im in...
  12. ToyPrado

    exhaust for 100 series V8

    HI All I am wanting to improve the sound a bit from the V8. Is there specific part of the exhaust that can be swapped over to achieve this instead of replacing the whole system? Any recommendations around the south east of Melbourne . regards david
  13. ToyPrado

    Vic High Country Boys weekend

    HI All Thinking of doing a boys weekend trip this November (after cup week end) to the high country with the 4x4's there are a variety of vehicles and experience levels. I am thinking of a point to point trip taking in a few of the High Country's famous tracks, hut and sites along the way. Im...
  14. ToyPrado

    arkpac 2

    Hi all, Merry Xmas and happy new year to 4x4earthlings! Im thinking of buying the arkpac 2 to use in the camper trailer. Any feedback? I know they are expensive but seem to have a lot of features regards Dave
  15. ToyPrado

    Battery for camper "aussie batteries- combo deal"

    Hi Guys and Girls We are looking to install a battery to the camper Has anyone bought this brand before and can give any feedback? Cheers Dave
  16. ToyPrado

    Tyre query for 100 series V8

    HI All Im starting to plan my next set of tyres, should be due next winter. Currently I am running 265/70 R16 BFGoodridge AT KM's on the 2003 GXL spec cruser alloy rim, these came with the car when I bought it. I was getting quotes at our new costco in Moorabbin last night and he could...
  17. ToyPrado

    Waeco Solar Panels

    Hi All Has anyone got or used a Waeco Soalr pannel? I am able to get one free through my rewards program at work. Its either a solar pannel or Ipad for navigation Dave
  18. ToyPrado

    Kelleys Lane, Arbuckle Junction

    Hi Guys and Girls We are heading up this way to meet cousins at Christmas. Has anyone camped here before? regards Dave
  19. ToyPrado

    Any feedback on 2006 diesel manual Pathfinders

    Hi All My cousin is looking at a 2006 Pathfinder 220kms, diesel 6 sp manual, some decent extras and brand new MT's Is there anything to look out for. They will do mild 4x4 work and tow a 1.5t black series camper Any feed back would be apreciated Dave
  20. ToyPrado

    How much is a gas converter for an LPG system in a 100 series?

    I just had mine done as it was cracked and it was $720. Is that about right? Dave