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  1. Wang

    Catch cans and EGR blanks

    My truck has both. Catch can will stop the oil mist in the intake system, which when mixed the the EGR gases makes the black sludge you will see in all the horror pics. So in my opinion if only doing one or the other i would go with the Catch Can.
  2. Wang

    whats the best product for boiling water in firebans

    I use a jet boil for boiling water. Just found it quick and easy and don’t have to set up the cooker just for a coffee in the morning
  3. Wang

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Would be good to catch up mate
  4. Wang

    Will there be a Qld 4x4 earth gathering soon?

    You beat me too it :). And yes we will come
  5. Wang

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    As most of your are aware the NSW 4x4 Earth guys n gals head down to the VIC annual gathering. We normally head down the week before and have a good tour around the high country. So there doesn't seem to be a VIC annual gathering this year (there still might be one ? but nothing official yet)...
  6. Wang

    Merricumbene FT, Dry Creek Campground and Oulla Creek FT - Deua NP

    Cheers! been wanting to check it out for a while now
  7. Wang

    Merricumbene FT, Dry Creek Campground and Oulla Creek FT - Deua NP

    So how was Oulla creek fire trail ?
  8. Wang

    Has anyone used YOUCAMP ?

    A lot of them are now catering for campers setting up toilets and camp kitchens etc At least you know your spot will be there when you show up.
  9. Wang

    Has anyone used YOUCAMP ?

    Yep been around for a while now. I know a few people who have used it and had some epic camps you wouldn’t normally be able to access I think it’s a great thing and plenty of farmers and landowners are getting on board
  10. Wang

    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    Just bring her along, kill 2 birds with one stone .
  11. Wang

    Black soil, Butcher country, dingo hill ?

    Yep that’s the way we went. Came from Mansfield down Jamison rd,Morris rd, onto black soil and Macalister river track was only a sml section at top on butcher that wasn’t freshly graded
  12. Wang

    Black soil, Butcher country, dingo hill ?

    We did butcher Country Track a few week ago and was an easy drive All graded and the mud holes and the end are gone. Apparently dingo hill and calendiona have been done too
  13. Wang

    Fridge cable dramas

    Mine is not a drop slide but the cable hangs on a little bungy cord. Never had it get snagged up yet
  14. Wang

    NSW Xmas drinks Sat Dec 8 at The Diggings, Turon.

    Sign me up Dickie
  15. Wang

    Another newb from Sydney area

    Welcome aboard. Keep an eye on the NSW trips section. Or come along to the Xmas drinks to get to know everyone
  16. Wang

    NSW Crew to Vic 2018 Report

    Was a great trip and we definitely covered a lot of the high country Highlight for me was camping @ 1570m on top of butcher Country Track and having wild dogs come through camp in the morning. Just a few random pics from the trip
  17. Wang

    NSW Crew trip to the VIC Gathering 2018

    for those who are coming the meeting spot for the 1st nights camp has moved to here.,148.4248664,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b3b53a3616b348f:0xdf02dae0a8e59c73!8m2!3d-36.8972081!4d148.4270551?hl=en
  18. Wang

    NSW Crew trip to the VIC Gathering 2018

    yer no worries we will wait for you.