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  1. Gavo

    Are we being spied on?

    What's the issue with targeted advertising? You're going to get advertisment no matter where you are in life. So why not at least have it aimed at your interests. I love that google location tracks me. It's the best. Some days I go to do time sheet, it tells me what time I got to site and...
  2. Gavo

    Gaia GPS + Android Auto

    Looks like it requires you do add routes, change maps etc on your phone. Guess theory is you set it up before you plug in? Regardless, it's a step in right direction with so many vehicles now having android Auto and apple car play.
  3. Gavo

    Gaia GPS + Android Auto

    Been using Gaia for ages. Hands down one of the better GPS mapping apps. Was just shooting down street, and went to swap music apps and noticed it now supports android Auto. Very happy! Wonder if we'll see support for any other mapping apps on Android Auto/apple car play.
  4. Gavo

    VDJ 79 Power Issue

    Pretty common to have boost issues. Worth inspecting all the hoses at back of intercooler etc. Maybe worth getting in another one, and just not expecting the world from the little 4.5l motor.
  5. Gavo

    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    Rough maths, not taking into consideration inverter efficiency either.... Please someone correct me. But a 240v induction cooktop is say 1800watts. That's something like 160+ Amps at 12volt. So your 120ah lithium not going to last long running a cooker..
  6. Gavo

    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    Having this discussion with some mates just few days ago. I'm very much "E" positive. Ride an eMTB, love my battery chain saw etc. But I'm not convinced induction cooktop camping is the go. I'm a bit old school and still rock a dual fuel stove. Never in any circumstance has it been a problem...
  7. Gavo

    Aldi 7in Spotlights and light bar issues

    Could also be negatively switched headlights which will effect wiring of relay.
  8. Gavo

    Who is listening?

    Like boobook said, it's placebo, the car example is a prime one. But even if they are, at end of day, you're going to get advertising, so why not have advertising targeted to you. I'd much rather that than random crap.
  9. Gavo

    Sealed alternators for 70 series. School me.

    From what I've seen over years, it's usually the weekend wild warrior that has any drama with alternator. You the guy who insists on driving the deepest part of every puddle just for the fun. Usually, just whipping the brushes out and cleaning them will sort it. Spare brushes are cheap as...
  10. Gavo

    Coffee machines

    I'm with chatty 100%. Got the bellman and love it. Works a treat. I've worked out less water = stronger coffee. I rate it, better than most coffee machines and it takes up no space and requires no power, Just some gas.
  11. Gavo

    70 series DIY Steering wheel controls

    So as we all know and love, the 70 series (2009 - current) has a pretty basic steering wheel. Thanks a mate Ed who did all the hard work I was able to get some steering wheel controls working, small thing but so much nicer. Parts, Hilux clock Spring (p/n 843060k051) HiAce horn/airbag centre...
  12. Gavo

    Drivetrain Emergency Brake

    It's a semi popular upgrade for the 70 series LandCruiser in mining situations....
  13. Gavo

    Gavo's Round 2, Toyota 76 Series Landcruiser Wagon 2010

    Haha yep well spotted. I've got an Aurum as well as the E-sight, which is easily my favourite!
  14. Gavo

    Gavo's Round 2, Toyota 76 Series Landcruiser Wagon 2010

    Figured I'd keep myself updated again! As per the the 76 series thread, my clutch started slipping bad few weeks ago. After much research, (like 5 years of umming and arghing) I took the old girl out to Down under diesel. They're about 20 mins west of Lithgow at Cullen Bullen. He installed a...
  15. Gavo

    All Things 76!

    It's taken 215k but my clutch finally started slipping couple of weekends ago. So went all out. Got npc1300 clutch, tune and intake stripped and cleaned. Woah what a beast I've got now! Pretty serious increase in torque. Feels way smoother. Over all pretty stoked. Wish I had done this years ago.
  16. Gavo

    All Things 76!

    You won't be disappointed if you're a rest arm on door person. They're amazing!
  17. Gavo

    All Things 76!

    Shipping was silly Fast. Think I hit go during weekend and had them on Tuesday.
  18. Gavo

    All Things 76!

    Grabbed a set of these arm rests other day. Pretty impressed at build quality. To be fair they should be as they're pretty close to $300 for set. Super comfy in drivers seat with hand on wheel. I rate them.
  19. Gavo

    Found a good street nav app

    I use it for day to day stuff. Mainly as I like that it gives you speed... But don't trust it for long trips. It's hopeless. If you're wanting to go from say Tamworth to Orange, it has no idea. Stick with Google maps for that stuff.
  20. Gavo

    4x4 tracks map app

    Go and check out the "trailforks" app. It's MTB related, but essentially does everything a 4wd app should. User updated data, ability to export track GPS files, as well any routes that may involve set track. Can comment, add real world data, such as track conditions, photos and videos. It...