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  1. Gavo

    Gaia GPS + Android Auto

    Been using Gaia for ages. Hands down one of the better GPS mapping apps. Was just shooting down street, and went to swap music apps and noticed it now supports android Auto. Very happy! Wonder if we'll see support for any other mapping apps on Android Auto/apple car play.
  2. Gavo

    70 series DIY Steering wheel controls

    So as we all know and love, the 70 series (2009 - current) has a pretty basic steering wheel. Thanks a mate Ed who did all the hard work I was able to get some steering wheel controls working, small thing but so much nicer. Parts, Hilux clock Spring (p/n 843060k051) HiAce horn/airbag centre...
  3. Gavo

    The current 4wd attitude....

    Some of you may have recently seen a video kicking around on FB last few days of some people in 4wds cutting open a gate at Catherine Hill Bay. The video appeared to be by someone who was walking back out of there. I was just blown away by the comments section on Facebook. Here is just an...
  4. Gavo

    Autocorrect not working on Mobile

    This is odd. Last few months, my phone's autocorrect won't work on forum. Everywhere else it's fine. Anyone else noticed this . Samsung S8, chrome..
  5. Gavo

    Leveling your 4wd

    So just installed my new clamb shell tent, and the need to park level has come to mind. I was thinking a super simple spirit Level bubble on dash. Maybe just use some hot glue or bluetac on dash. Just install it while parked on a level carpark. there a better way I haven't thought of?
  6. Gavo

    June '17 long weekend - Brindabella trip

    Just thought I'd get a report going, plenty of people snapping photos on weekend I would like to see! We had a good relaxing weekend. Rolling into Saturday and Sunday nights camp early afternoon both days. I'd not spent to much time in Brindabella area, so was awesome to have a look around...
  7. Gavo

    June long weekend - Brindabella trip

    Hey all, been chatting to @Toddyh, @Wang, @axle82 and @bradlaurent and figured we'd head to brindies. No real plans yet. Figured we'd work them out here before we go.
  8. Gavo

    Aus Day, Abercrombie and Wyangala Dam

    Sorry about the late notice. This weekend, 25th - 29th. Just had a chat with a few of the regular crew, the likes of @Toddyh , @Wang, @underdog, @RODEODAVE and @axle82 and came up with a rough plan. Thinking we'll camp on the Abercrombie river at -33.955296 149.318779 Or Google map link...
  9. Gavo

    Who has dealt with Uneek?

    Strolling the net and I've found a rear bar i really like. And got a decent price. Good to see some iniative too, with the wheel carrier tied to door. So no latch. Has anyone dealt with Uneek, is their work good. I presume it's all made and fabricated in Vic. This is link to bar i like...
  10. Gavo

    Sad good-bye to a great 4x4 Earth member

    Well sad times ahead. Local legend @Wang has hung up his camp gear and got himself a caravan. Gone are the 4wd trips, and a big4 membership has taken its place. Rumour has it, thats he's off to get some road terrain tires fitted to improve the fuel economy. Something he read about on his...
  11. Gavo

    Cancelled--> Bendethera, October long weekend 1st, 2nd & 3rd

    So how's Bendethera sound kids? Long weekend? (I'v probably got this wrong, cause I'm a few beers in) Anyway, Bendethera is great. Maybe a camp on the Friday night at deua River. Take the hard way way in. Then take it easy at camp. To caves walk etc. Sounds great to me.
  12. Gavo

    Wang's getaway - September 16th-18th

    Hey all. @Wang is organizing a trip on the weekend of 17th. . This trip is a GREEN one. Lets call it a camp trip more so than a 4wd oriented trip. Stock vehicles are fine. So get involved lurkers! So bring a book, guitar, gameboy, hammock or what ever it is you like to do when relaxing...
  13. Gavo

    NSW Travels To Vic Gathering (Nov 5th - 13th 2016) -->Planning

    Righto Earther's, think i'll run this same as last year. Have this thread as a "planning" trip, then start a new thread closer to leave date with finalized details etc. So I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but happy to work with the group to try and cater for everyone. But at this stage my plan...
  14. Gavo

    Why are you scared to drill holes in your dash?

    Simple question that always intrigues me! Was just having discussion with a mate about uhf bracket. I said screw it in, and he was dead against it. Is it resale value? If so would a screw hole in dash stop you from buying a car if in the market? Scared of hitting something important behind...
  15. Gavo

    Roll over video, Walhalla

    Came across this on the book of face. Probably may have seen it. If not, plenty to be learnt. Few things I'm sure you will disagree with.
  16. Gavo

    NSW National Park Working Bee

    Just in case you have missed this thread in the NSW trip section,, we have an upcoming working bee. Essentially we're trying to promote 4wders as people who look after our land. This trip will not only make for a...
  17. Gavo

    NSW Crew Heads To Vic Gathering (O'Tooles)

    Well, what a trip! Where to start? So Sunday 7th of November was the meet the date for most of us in Jindabyne. However a few of us took the opportunity of the weekend and actually camped out at the diggings near Thredbo for a night or two first. The Diggings. Sunday had us drive a reasonably...
  18. Gavo

    Unsealed 4x4 worth checking out this month

    @Toddyh has been busy with the pen and paper on our long weekend away while back. He's becoming quite the journo with this excellent article! Obviously I'm a little biast, based on the front cover :D
  19. Gavo

    Haunted Stream Closed

    @richardlnsw pointed me in direction of this on facebook, Looks like Haunted Stream is shut this year, which was a major of our NSW trip to Vic gathering. @Toddyh has chased up some great info with a bunch of...
  20. Gavo

    Change *.map file datum from GDA94 to WSG84

    Hey all, so been working on converting some mapping files, all but sorted except the *.map file is GDA94, which is no good to me, I need to be WSG84 for what I'm up to. Story has it Oziexplorer will convert it, but I'm struggling to work it out, any help would be amazing!