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  1. Collie2012

    VIC - Maxxis Big Horn 762 245/75-16

    Maxxis big horn 762 I have 5 for sale the spare is brand new never touch ground. The other 4 are in very good condition probably done about 7500KM Located in Taylors lakes $500 ONO. I will post pics if anyone is interested. Can be contacted on 0417102815 Thanks John.
  2. Collie2012

    Burnt diff oil

    Hello, I'm having some work done to my RG colorado's rear diff and the workshop have called and said that the diff oil is burnt, one of the bearings is shot and the pinion seal is weeping. My questions is what would have caused the oil to be burnt as its only done 20K km's on it? Thanks.
  3. Collie2012

    Torque wrench settings

    Would anyone happen to have the torque wrench setting for wheel nuts please?
  4. Collie2012

    Wombat 12042014

    Jagec (Jason), Silver76 (Mick) and Collie2012 (John) met at the greendale pub 8:30 saturday morning. We had a rough plan for the day which was to stay away from the deep bog holes that wombat is notorious for and to cruise around for some easy/med tracks. A fun day was had with no damage to...
  5. Collie2012

    No limit tuning chip?

    Hi, has anyone had any experiences with performance increase with a tuning chip? Something like this one: Diesel Power Chip Module FOR THE NEW 4 CYL Holden Colorado 2 8 TD | eBay The issue I'm trying to alleviate is stalling in 4h when on steep hills, I find I can't get going again and...
  6. Collie2012

    Saturday 5th October

    Is anyone going out Saturday 5th October?
  7. Collie2012

    Thimble gusset for synthetic rope

    Would anyonw happen to know where these are available locally?
  8. Collie2012

    werribee 4wd club

    Hi, would anyone happen to have a contact email address for the werribee 4wd club? I'm looking to join the club and have emailed them through their web site but didn't get a reply and I can't find any other contact details on their web site. Thanks.