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  1. dangermouse


    As title says ,also has rooftop tent/side awnings/285 MUDS/trail bike rack etc/etc/etc.Too much too list. Modular, can be used as trade/camping/general use. Asking $4500,[cost over twice this to build in 2014].Forced sale due to finances. NOTE:We had this trailer built proper h/duty ,yes I am...
  2. dangermouse

    dualcab 79 woes,how heavy is yours.

    Yes I have pretty average setup, standard susp except extra leaf+reset to stop the rear sag, bars/steel 100 series rims/285 muds/2nd battery/steel tray/steel 3/4 r.rack/spots. My tray carries spare wheel/fridge/box of tools/recovery gear and add ball weight of trailer thats...
  3. dangermouse

    Taree to Sydney trip help please.

    Hi all,will be near Taree at Xmas and returning to Sydney and would like to camp for a few days on the way home preferably on a river /near water maybe explore some tougher tracks or local sites any suggestions camp grounds/track notes/trip logs would be great, thanks.
  4. dangermouse

    High/low range for sand driving ?.

    Hi All, Tyre pressures always seem to be the topic for sand driving, I was wondering if there were any theories/opinions/rules in regards to high/low range when sand driving. Cheers DM.
  5. dangermouse

    BEWARE: of who you buy from.

    Hi all, I bought a product from a company in Sydney who also advertise in a very popular 4wd mag,this product was unsatisfactory to say the least .I returned the it and they didn't and still do not want anything to do with me,therefore I have to take them to court but at this point I think my...
  6. dangermouse

    Dunlop G.trek At 22 265/65/17 X5 Sydney

    AS TITLE- TYRES- [B]NEW] [B]Price -[$800] [B]Location -[SYDNEY] [B]Contact Details -[PH:0414 940 941] Please ensure that all items are described as clearly and accurately as possible. takes no responsibility for items advertised for sale here. All...