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  1. NIAL8R

    warning lights on? ?

    Yep brake, battery, timing belt & low water level.
  2. NIAL8R

    warning lights on? ?

    Yep thats what i was hoping now to fork out more $$$
  3. NIAL8R

    warning lights on? ?

    Hi all my alternator has shagged it self and now have 4 warning lights on. Is this normal? 2.8D hilux 97" LN106R Thanks in advance
  4. NIAL8R

    Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

    looking good;) since i sold my 96 hilux 2.8TD ive been through a few cars and now got another 97 2.8D with a fair few goodies but needs a bit of attention and bought a 4 runner on friday that has had the ifs swapped for a solid front massive hoops big 6" lift etc but theres a fair few things...
  5. NIAL8R

    front hub seals

    Hi all im back in business again bought myself another ln106r 97" hilux and I need to do the front hub / ball seals. Im not scared to get my hands dirty and pretty well machanicly minded but would like to know if it is a pretty straight forward job. Roughly how long should it take to do. Thanks...
  6. NIAL8R

    rear diff centre lsd 4 runner 91"

    He folks in need of a rear lsd centre asap. If yoy have one please let me know price and if you will post please. Thanks in advance
  7. NIAL8R

    Nsw Vy Ss Ii 6 Speed Manual Commodore

    opps forgot the vin / engine numers.... ill grab them now :D
  8. NIAL8R

    Nsw Vy Ss Ii 6 Speed Manual Commodore

    SELLING OR SWAP 2004 6G1YK54F84L225551 (Legal Requirement) VF033030760 (Legal Requirement) 172XXX WOLLONGONG NSW $10K ONO WOLLONGONG PM HERE OR TXT 0401056926 yes AUG 2014 REGO lOOKING TO SELL / SWAP MY 04' VY SS II 6 SPEED MANUAL RED HOT IN COLOUR ALL STOCK BAR A...
  9. NIAL8R

    Holden Colorado 2009

    i would be interested in seeing some pics of the colorado as i sold my 2.8TD HiLux with all the goodies and looking at a LT/R Colorado but havent yet seen one yet modded :D
  10. NIAL8R

    Hilux 2l-te turbo set up into 3L

    you shouldnt run in to any problems getting it fitted up but if i was to buy a Turbo from a wrecker i would be getting it serviced as you dont know what its been through!!!
  11. NIAL8R

    Installing power point in camper trailer

    Hey BSZERK, did you buy the camper from up in Shellharbour of a fella with a cruiser ??
  12. NIAL8R

    Another member for the shellharbour chapter

    Still the same Swaggie, get a few good days then it goes to shyt again, my board is still in the shed with more dust than wax on it :eek:
  13. NIAL8R

    Another member for the shellharbour chapter

    goood to see you found your way here wayno :D $200 joning fee so payment ASAP would be good, i have eftpos also lol, have a good look around the site there is plenty to see, enjoy dude :D:D:D
  14. NIAL8R

    Another angle.

    i see your getting pretty cocky now Jon :D have to agree with brian too mate, ya cant keep ya head still with acdc rippin up a tune ;)
  15. NIAL8R

    Over Heating Hilux

    thermostat is either stuck and only a little open not allowing the water to flow free, also check your top and bottom hoses as thone of them may be shagged ( i.e ) sucking in under high rev's then when you back off it rushes straight through to the over flow.
  16. NIAL8R

    What Would This Be Worth ???

    thanks for the replies fella's he sold it to me for $150 with an ariel, new cable, mount and program software disk so im very happy with that. its in very good condition as it was never in a 4x4 only his car :D
  17. NIAL8R

    What Would This Be Worth ???

    thanks for that mate, i had a look but nothing there the same :eek:
  18. NIAL8R

    What Would This Be Worth ???

    any ideas fellas ???
  19. NIAL8R

    What Would This Be Worth ???

    bumpity bump :D
  20. NIAL8R

    What Would This Be Worth ???

    Hi folks, mate mate have just updated his radio and is selling his Icom208H, its about 4-5yrs old still in pretty good nik and he doesnt know what its worth being 2nd hand and me well...... i wouldnt have a clue :confused: heres a link on the icom208h just have to scroll down the page a bit...