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    Mystery 12 volt problem

    I am sure there is a logical explanation for this. I have a Renogy DCDC 20 amp charger in the Jeep, charging an AGM 60 amp battery, no problems. switched to a iTechworld 50 amp Lithium pack, on DCD Charger changed switch 5 to off, 1-4 on. (As per manual) drove and the Charge went to 13.7...
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    Lithium batteries

    I’m looking at putting in 100amp lithium battery if the poptop, possibly iTechworld, and a slimline 50 amp battery in the Jeep, again possibly iTechworld, as it appears I don’t need to change the charging systems, any thoughts, looking at a good product with a reasonable price.
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    Solar blanket inside windscreen

    Just putting it out there for comment, how efficient would a solar blanket be inside the windscreen, theory is if it was to still charge even @ 75%, it won’t get stolen when parked whilst going for bush walks
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    Router/modem for caravan

    I have been looking for a suitable router/modem for the caravan, hopefully 12 volt, else via an inverter that one can use any sim card in. Normally I would use a Boost SIM card , same as my phone, but might have an Optus sim for those times where Telstra is low, as most mining camps use Optus
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    Google maps v CamperX v Wikicamps

    Now that the products are becoming more mature, looking at 2 major uses Planning a trip ahead Whilst on a random trip adding in points of interest, notes and photos (for personal use)
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    Bluetooth fridge monitor

    I’m looking for a fridge monitor to display the fridge temperature via Bluetooth to my iPhone, similar to my Weber bbq temp monitor?
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    Battery cut-out voltage

    I have a 62amp agm battery in the Jeep for running a fridge etc., what is the best voltage for cut-out the fridge has 3 setting, I def don’t like low…. level cut-out comp off Cut -in comp on low 9.6 10.6 medium 11.1 12.1 High 11.8 12.8
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    Drawer fridge insulation

    I have just setup. New Kings drawer fridge, works well, size is good, and works well. I was going to to put some rubber backed carpet on the top, that work well for a bit insulation?
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    Best trip planning app

    Apps evolve and improve, on my iPad I currently have Hema 4WD and Hema Explorer, Camperx, WikiCamps, GAIA and of course Google maps I am planning a trip from Perth to the Kimberleys for 7 weeks next year and want to map out the places we want to see/stay and to work out total distance etc. ...
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    Dual hitch receiver

    Dual tow hitch for carrying bikes. Has anyone used the dual hitch for the van and then add in the Reece hitch bike rack… or is it better to have a bike rack in the draw bar Best part I think is if I disconnect the caravan I still have the bikes on the car
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    Flat Roof rack - which brand

    Looking at putting a flat roof rack on the grand Cherokee, am deciding between rola and rhino? prices are different between them, looking at putting 2 x 20l, the shorter versions and some light stuff for when we go to Birdsville in July
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    Vacuum bag storage

    What experiences has everyone had using bags to store stuff using a deflator to remove the air... Am thinking using them to store our c gear floor mats and other stuff
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    WikiCamps v Hema CamperX

    Now that CamperX has been going for a while, what is everyone’s on it, and how does it compare to WikiCamps
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    Windy maps v Avenza maps

    Has anyone had ?
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    Portable grey water tanks

    I have been looking at these tanks, we have a seka 552s with en-suite, looking at weight etc. is it better the get a 23l fiamma or the 40l, we haven’t had a van with a shower b4...