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  1. shinysideUP

    Weather Up The Cape

    Heading off to Cape York next year in June. What temperatures do the days and nights get to around that time off year? Deciding on what type of sleeping arrangements we should go for and whether we'll need our -4 sleeping bags or not. Also, while I'm here... What are the Mozzies and Midgees...
  2. shinysideUP

    Lindsays 4x4 Tryres

    Has anyone bought tyres from this company in Mt Evelyn, Vic.? How are they for price, service etc?
  3. shinysideUP

    Mid Week Squirt Anyone??

    Giving myself some well earned time off. Thinking of Wednesday or Thursday (weather permitting). Somewhere close by, Bunyip, Neerim, Noojee areas. Just going to explore what tracks are open. Anyone interested, let me know. Cheers Andrew
  4. shinysideUP

    Vic - Will a stock standard Pajero on road tyres get into Burgoynes Gap??

    Brother-in-law wants to tag along with us to Burgoynes Gap (from Walhalla side). It's been a couple of years since I was there last so cant remember the track all that well. I thought as long as it's dry, he should be okay. Any advice much appreciated. Vehicle is a 97' Petrol, Auto.
  5. shinysideUP

    Happy Birthday "Cruising62"

    Happy Birthday John. The big 50. Hope you have a great night over the weekend. A few sherberts might be had. ;):D
  6. shinysideUP

    VIC - 2004 GU Patrol 4.2 Cab Chassis

    Helping a friend sell his tuff GU. No Money Spared....... Fuel Pump Biult for Race application with 12mm plunger & modified compensator , BIG injectors , Turbo hiflowed With Garrett Comp wheel & water cooled housing, Turbo/Fuel pump & injectors upgraded only 16.000km ago. 3in straight...
  7. shinysideUP

    Long Weekend

    What's every one doing for the long Weekend? Cant get away for the whole 3 days but maybe a Sunday or Monday run. Possibly a Sunday night overnighter. Need some ideas. Chow :)
  8. shinysideUP

    Bunyip Area - Sunday 12th Feb

    Well... what a great day out in the bush, pushing man and machine to the limits. This wasn't meant to be an extreme day out but boy, did we give it a crack!! We all met up at Longwarry servo, Mans & Davidman (and Guests), Richie (Mudlark), Scott and Matt (Blacknav) and Kelvin (4wdnuts)...
  9. shinysideUP

    Bunyip Area this Sunday, 12th Feb

    Been over a month since I got the truck dirty. Thinking of checking out some of the harder tracks in the area. Happy to let someone else lead if they have better knowledge of the tracks. 5-6 rigs max, modified vehicles only, no newbies (sorry). Meet: Longwarry Servo (east bound) Time: 8.30am...
  10. shinysideUP

    Vic - Garage Clean Out

    All new items were aquired from 4WDTV as part of a prize pack. Span Set Snatch Strap - 8000kg, 9m (New, Never Used) - $45 - SOLD Tanami Jerry Can Transfer Pump (Wilcannia) Suitable for Pro Quip Jerry Cans (New, Never Used) - $55 - SOLD High Lift Jack Cover (new, Never Used)...
  11. shinysideUP

    Hi Lift Jack Question????

    What weight limit should I be looking for in a Hi Lift Jack? I'm looking at one on E-bay at the moment and it's rated at 1000kg. I Have seen some that are higher but what is sufficient to lift a fully loaded GU Patrol? Never had one before so dont know much about them other than they can be a...
  12. shinysideUP

    Rooftop Tent Hire - Vic. ?????

    Does anyone know if you can hire rooftop Tents? If so, where? Cheers.
  13. shinysideUP

    VIC - IPF Spot Lights, FREE to good home.

    GONE!!! Item Detail - IPF Spot Lights, came off my original Nissan Aluminium Bullbar. Condition - Good Price - FREE Location - Hallam Vic. Contact Details - 0411 332 396 - Andrew Pictures - One has some surface rust on the top as shown in picture. Must be...
  14. shinysideUP

    Camping close to Melbourne, 3hrs max.

    Hi all, Need help finding a camping spot not infested by hundreds of other campers. I know it's a tall ask but any suggestions would be appreciated. A mate went up around Walhalla yesterday and today and everything is packed. So now we're on to plan 'B', but dont know where that is. Trying to...
  15. shinysideUP

    Labertouche/Neerim Sth, This Sunday 6th

    Heading out Sunday to check out some of the tracks around Neerim Sth and Labertouche. Will work out the tracks on the day. Plenty to choose from, Gentle Annie, Robertson Creek Tk etc. etc. Just a day of exploring and fun in the bush. 33" Muddies will probably be required but I'm not going to...
  16. shinysideUP

    MongrelLux (Mal) in Hospital

    For those of us who know him, I just thought I'd let people know that Mal is in Hospital at the moment for a serious heart opperation. He has a dickie valve that needs attention. He had to be taken by ambulance to hospital last Wednesday and will have his OP in the next day or two. He will be...
  17. shinysideUP

    Need someone who's Chainsaw Savy, Hallam Vic.

    Got 3 Big Conifers I what removed. Need someone willing to help chop the buggers down. I don't have a chainsaw so they will have to bring there own. Willing to pay for their time, feed them and of course have a few beers afterwards. Will be an all day job I reckon. Thinking it should be a tad...
  18. shinysideUP

    How easy it can turn Pear Shaped!!!!!

    Following on from the "So easy to rollover" thread, I thought I would share my experience I had a month ago. We were out on a medium run 6 vehicles in total. Weather was fine to overcast (had rained the previous couple of days). Conditions were good for 4WDing. Long story short... had picked...
  19. shinysideUP

    What type of GPS?

    Hi all, just wanted to get some opinions on what type of GPS I should get for my birthday. Never had one before so dont know much about them. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Andrew
  20. shinysideUP

    Which Air Compressor?

    Want to get a good value for money Air Compressor. What flow rate should I be looking for? The compressors I've been looking at are around the $140-$170 mark but some say 72 Litres per Minute and some are saying 150 L/M. What is an adequate flow rate to pump up 33" tyres? Want to keep the...