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  1. D_Hilux

    Awning Or Not?

    Hey Guys, Recently been looking at getting an awning. NOW... The thing is I want an 1200mm (wide) x 2000mm (long) Awning to go onto the top of my toolbox. (Toolboxes are only 1200mm long). Toolboxes are like this. Awning is this big. Now this is where you guys with awnings come in and tell...
  2. D_Hilux

    What Colour???

    Hey Guys and Girls, I've been thinking about spraying my 2002 single cab hilux for awhile now. I want to paint everything including all bar work and accesories the same colour! I had in mind a charcoal metallic but I'm not sure! Would love to see some pics of what other people have done...
  3. D_Hilux

    JetBoil - Best thing since sliced bread

    So For those of you who don't know there is a new invention that is out and its called the Jet Boil. For those morning when your camping, at work on a job site or even if your home kettle is on its way out. Not to worry life can still go on, you can still get that caffeine hit that you need...
  4. D_Hilux

    Wheeny Creek - Gees arm South

    Hey Guys, So Friday the last day at the mechanics (Xtreme 4x4 Mona Vale) was chaos to get my old mans (Mitsubishi Triton) and my car ready (Single Cab Hilux). That arvo as we were having a few beers after it was all done, we decided that we would go for a 4b on the Sunday the 23rd. So we...
  5. D_Hilux

    Hi All

    Hello all, Just wanted to say g'day and what an awsome site this is! I'm pretty new to 4x4. I'm very keen to get onto some good tracks, so if any of u guys are willing to hav a tag along when 4bing close to Sydney ie. Watagans and Zig zag just let me know! Would be great to go with you...
  6. D_Hilux

    Toyota V6 Hilux 2002

    Toyota V6 Hilux, 2002 Good Points TOUGH Reliable Great all rounder It's a Hilux, nothing more to say! Bad Points Not enough power for my liking What mods have you done? UHF 33" Muddies 4" Lift Custom Bull Bar with Winch Air Compressor Front and Rear Lockers Custom...