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  1. patrol dude

    Creb - Frenchmans - Ott - Cape York

    Well after being delayed for 3 weeks we are finally ready to head off to the cape this Sunday 8). Have really enjoyed reading all the threads from all the other forum members - hope to tackle all the "FUN" tracks and maybe catch a fish or two :D The canvas cover for the rear of the Tvan...
  2. patrol dude

    Red Line Water Wetter

    Hi Guys, i have read a bit about Red Line - Water Wetter it appears to be OK. Would love some real world feed back on it. I drive a 2000 4.2TD Patrol and am looking at dropping the temp just a little bit, thought this might help. Any feed back would be greatly appriciated. Cheers Red Line...
  3. patrol dude

    Satellite Phone Emergency Contact List

    Hi Guys, thought this might be useful. Cheers
  4. patrol dude

    Rockhampton - Six Mile Reserve Survey

    Rockhampton - Six Mile Reserve Survey - Closure Hey guys, if you live in or around Rocky, or just hate more tracks getting closed then we need your support. Please click on the link below and support Six Mile Reserve being kept open to the public. The survey only takes a minute to complete...
  5. patrol dude

    Patrol - King Shockies - External Compression Adjusters

    Hi guys, has any body fitted a set of King Nissan Patrol shocks with the external compression adjusters. The Patrol has been lifted approx 2 inchs? I think the King 2.5" OD Patrol shocks would live longer on the corrugated roads and the adjuster would allow me to adjust the compression dampening...
  6. patrol dude

    Gday from Rocky

    Hey guys just joined. Have been 4WDing for years. I own a 4.2TD Patrol with a few odds and ends on it. Goes pretty good. Have been tenting it for the last 20 odd years and just upgraded to a new TVAN MURRANJI at Xmas. Heading across the Simpson at the end of June for a month with a mate of mine...