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    Noisy Tyres

    Recently I've been getting a bit of vibration coming through the floor above 80klm. So I took the Patrol into the tyre shop to get them balanced. They are muddies and the side walls have been getting a bit ratty. So I figured I'd get them flipped over so the writing is on the inside (tread is...
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    New online 4wd mag

    I just signed up to "Loaded 4x4", a new online magazine. I haven't had a chance look through it all, but looks pretty good. Has anyone else had a read?
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    [NSW] Patrol GU (2003) 16" Wheels Genuine - Sydney pickup

    ITEM: 5 X 16" GU3 (2003) Patrol alloy rims, with 275/70R16 tyres PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $480 for forum members or bid on ebay CONDITION: see Ebay listing REASON FOR SELLING: no longer needed EXTRA INFO: Patrol GU (2003) 16" Wheels Genuine X 5 | eBay LOCATION: Sydney CONTACT: see ebay...
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    Barrington Tops day trip Gloucester Tops

    Decided on heading to Barrington Tops with the family on Monday for the week (hopefully the weather holds out for a few days:rolleyes:). Thinking of basing ourselves at one of the campsites around Thunderbolt's lookout. one of the days I was thinking to head to Gloucester Tops (to do one or...
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    Nissan Patrol GU3

    Nissan Patrol GU3 (2003) ST 4.8 dual fuel Good Points Love the amount of flex. Even though it doesn't have the high tech traction aids of more modern 4WDs, this thing feels so planted. Great LSD. Huge range of aftermarket goodies available. Bad Points Doesn't handle high speed dirt roads...
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    Ozbar or MCC Rear Bar

    I'm getting a rear wheel carrier for my Patrol (wheel on one side and double jerry carrier on the other). Have been trying to decide between either Ozbar and MCC. I looked at the Powerful 4x4 one due to the bargain price, but thought better due to complaints over quality and things not lining...
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    Stupid NPWS Camping Fees

    Talking to the wife about taking a few days off in January to do some camping. So I thought I’d give Yengo National Park a try, as haven’t camped there before. Apparently you need to get a key to access the area. Anyway, I had a look at this campground...
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    Ratchet Straps

    I've been using ratchet straps for the last few years to tie down camping gear to the roof tray. One lot I bought from BigW. They were cheap, but not too bad. Though, after a couple of years, half of the set rattled to bits...heading along a corregated road I'd hear "ping" and bits of the...
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    Merricumbene F/T Closure- Deua National Park

    Just heard that Merricumbene FT is closed due to some turds damaging the track after the recent rains:mad: See the statement from the NPWS below. CLOSED AREAS Access - Deua National Park Dry Creek, Oulla Creek and Merricumbene trails in Deua National Park are closed due to unsafe road...
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    Wombeyan Caves to Jenolan

    Next weekend I was thinking to do a trip from Wombeyan Caves to Jenolan Caves with the wife and kids. What I had in mind was to drive to Wombeyan from southern Sydney (say 2.5-3 hours via Wombeyan Caves Rd). Early lunch near the caves, then around mid day, head off via Range Fire trail, Banshea...