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    Map of Explorers of Australia

    After downloading, is it possible to load it into Gaia or Hema 4wd
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    New Memory Map for All

    in my App Store the other day, it highlighted Update for the app, so I now have the latest. also, yes the outback can change, especially with all the new mining roads changing our countryside
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    Dual battery cost

    I would also ask if the person doing the wiring is a auto electrician, as many times those doing the work aren’t up to speed….
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    Mystery 12 volt problem

    I am sure there is a logical explanation for this. I have a Renogy DCDC 20 amp charger in the Jeep, charging an AGM 60 amp battery, no problems. switched to a iTechworld 50 amp Lithium pack, on DCD Charger changed switch 5 to off, 1-4 on. (As per manual) drove and the Charge went to 13.7...
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    Lithium batteries

    Fortunately we have gas hot water in the van, battery basically runs led lights, tv & diesel heater….
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    Lithium batteries

    Thanks for the heads up, in the car I run through Renogy 20amp dcdc…..
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    Lithium batteries

    I’m looking at putting in 100amp lithium battery if the poptop, possibly iTechworld, and a slimline 50 amp battery in the Jeep, again possibly iTechworld, as it appears I don’t need to change the charging systems, any thoughts, looking at a good product with a reasonable price.
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    Fridge prices - ohhh my!

    My 32 litre Engel now sits in the garage, still works well, but now fitted a Kings draw fridge in the back of the Jeep and we use it all the time and seems to take up less room…
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    Drawer fridge insulation

    I have had the fridge for six months now, works very well, very happy with it, I placed a sheet of coreflute on the top with a mat over the top and all is going well
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    Solar blanket inside windscreen

    Just putting it out there for comment, how efficient would a solar blanket be inside the windscreen, theory is if it was to still charge even @ 75%, it won’t get stolen when parked whilst going for bush walks
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    Router/modem for caravan

    Thanks Mick-marsh, we purchased the above from Austin Computers and will go to jay at for that adaptor i have a query regarding the aerial, I was looking at an external aerial on the tv aerial and connect to the back, question, how useful is the radio antenna on our vans instead?
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    Router/modem for caravan

    I intend to use a Boost SIM card which is cheaper and works on the full Telstra network
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    Router/modem for caravan

    Thanks good advice, where would I go to have it unlocked
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    Router/modem for caravan

    Thanks good advice and not too expensive
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    Router/modem for caravan ground this is the whirlpool forum ?
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    Router/modem for caravan

    We thether to our phones, but it would be easier to have wifi like we do at home with multiple devices
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    Router/modem for caravan

    I have been looking for a suitable router/modem for the caravan, hopefully 12 volt, else via an inverter that one can use any sim card in. Normally I would use a Boost SIM card , same as my phone, but might have an Optus sim for those times where Telstra is low, as most mining camps use Optus
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    Google maps v CamperX v Wikicamps

    Now that the products are becoming more mature, looking at 2 major uses Planning a trip ahead Whilst on a random trip adding in points of interest, notes and photos (for personal use)
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    Mozzie/Midge Repellents - What do people recommend?

    Yes highly recommend it
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    Mozzie/Midge Repellents - What do people recommend?

    We use the Termacell from Bunnings, does the job so well