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  1. rob_macca67

    SPRING Rates - Can u determine it if u have no specs?

    Guys... I think I know the answer already to this and its probably a dumb question but here goes... A mate of mine has a set of brand COIL SPRINGS in his shed that he is going to give to me to see if I can use them. Now, he does not have any info/specs on the springs as they were delivered to...
  2. rob_macca67

    Remote Res Shocks - Are they really beneficial?

    Guys... Time is approaching where I'll probably need to look at replacing my old Shocks with some new Shocks. There's heaps of options out there now and I'm wondering do I go with your normal HD Mono Shock type or look at something like a Remote Res Shock. Pros of Normal type Shock: > Price...
  3. rob_macca67

    What Shock is better - Eye or Pin?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes... I'm starting to look at sourcing some new shocks for the old Defender. The Fronts are Pin to Pin and the Rear are Eye (top) to Pin. There is a reasonable selection of Pin-Pin Shocks as they are used for Landcruiser and Patrol...
  4. rob_macca67

    2022 (Jun) - Central Nth Qld Solo Trip (Barakula SF & Expedition NP)

    Distance: 2243kms Fuel Usage:229.87ltrs Economy: 12.8ltrs/100kms (this incl's a leaking main fuel tank) Fuel Cost: $497.26 Avg Fuel Cost: $2.163/ltr Link to ALL Photos: Central Nth Qld Solo Trip (Barakula SF & Expedition NP)Photos Link to where I went: Trip Tracklogs Day.1 207kms/DT:2h35m...
  5. rob_macca67

    Mozzie/Midge Repellents - What do people recommend?

    Firstly, I'm not sure if this is in the right section...sorry if that it the case... For some reason now I've been out twice camping & exploring, etc and been hit by midges where by in the days following I have really bad reactions to the midge bites, so I'm seeking out what is on the market to...
  6. rob_macca67

    Cable Size to run "before" the MPPT Solar Reg mounted inside front of Vehicle

    Guys... for those Electrical gurus... I currently have an MPPT solar regulator mounted under the centre Console & a 160w Solar panel mounted on the roof. This car doesn't get driven too often and is parked under a Carport making the roof solar useless. To solve this, I'm thinking of buying a...
  7. rob_macca67

    Shock Absorbers difference: Leaf vs Coil Shocks

    Gents I’m looking for some long travel shocks for my Coil 4WD. Unfortunately I can’t exactly find what I’m looking for but I did find a shock that meets the travel I’m looking for but it’s designed for for a rear leaf end GU Patrol. I assume the valving in a coil shock would be stronger than a...
  8. rob_macca67

    Chinese Tyres with SAME Tread but Different Brand Names?

    Firstly, please set aside that these are Chinese Tyres I've been running some 235/85/16 Goodride Brand Tyres (model: SL369) for a few years on my old Defender just as daily/weekend tyre and I've been having a good run out of them for a 10ply Chinese tyre to date... My old Disco-1 has come to...
  9. rob_macca67

    How far can u take a Subaru offroad ??

    Just came across this video of a Subaru tackling the Cape early in the season... Well worth a Watch imho
  10. rob_macca67

    Top-5 Overrated 4WD's - Certainly will stir up the fan based owners

    Guys... Found this video floating around YouTube about the 5 Top Overrated 4WD's as per automotive-related journalists and people in the industry... For me personally - water off a duck's back as far as I'm concerned as you drive & own what u enjoy and people can say/think what they want...
  11. rob_macca67

    Aux Lithium Battery in a old non-smart Alternator vehicle?

    Gents... I'm looking at installing a Lithium Battery into my 2010 Defender (2.4ltr Tdci engine). From my understanding, the Alternator is not a SMART Alternator and mine charges at a voltage of 14.1 to 14.4volts usually. My question is... Do I really need a DC/DC Charger if I convert to a...
  12. rob_macca67

    2021 (Jun) - Googs Track & North Simpson Desert Trackless Boys Trip

    Total Trip Distance: 8489kms Time Frame: 29days Total Fuel Used: 1067ltrs Economy for Trip: 12.6ltrs/100kms Vehicle: 2010 LR Defender 110 Wgn Other Vehicles: (105’s Cruiser Wgn; 100’s Cruiser Wgn; 79’s Cruiser Ute; Landrover 110 County Wgn) Map of Trip: The Trip can be split into 2 Parts - 1st...
  13. rob_macca67

    2021 (Mar) - Mt Kaputar & Mid NSW Explore Trip

    2021 (Mar) - Mt Kaputar & Mid NSW Explore Trip Distance: 2782kms Economy: 11.9ltrs/100kms No of Days: 8 days No of vehicles: 4 Link to route taken: 2021 (Mar) - Mt Kaputar & Mid NSW Explore Trip (Part-1) 2021 (Mar) - Mt Kaputar & Mid NSW Explore Trip (Part-2) Link to all Photos: 2021 (Mar) -...
  14. rob_macca67

    Trip: 2021 - Exploring Nth of Moore/Linville towards LCMP

    This Daytrip was a bit of a last moment sort of thing, but I wanted to check out to see if u could get from the town of Linville over towards LCMP via some back roads and then return to Linville via different route as well. So, I contacted some Friends that lived in the area and headed off. 1st...
  15. rob_macca67

    Tyre Rotation Diagonally or Just Front to Rear - What's your Thoughts??

    Guys, I'm curious as to what people do when it comes to rotating their tyres diagonally? I bought some new A/T's about 20k ago and usually try to rotate every 5k front to back but always on the same side of the vehicle. This time I decided to rotate Front to back & diagonally just to try and...
  16. rob_macca67

    Headlight H4(60/55w) Light bulb replacements - what's the go?

    re: H4 Light bulb(60/55w) replacements - Went looking for replacement bulbs for the daughters Zook and was blown away firstly at the price and then with some of the claims. $55/pr for H4 bulbs was the cheapest but it's the claims of 50% or even 150% light improvement over standard H4 Bulb that...
  17. rob_macca67

    Is it possible to drive to the old historic Kalliwa Hut on the banks of Paradise Dam (QLD)

    Guys... I was up recently exploring the Goodnight Scrub NP and I was wanting to drive to the old historic Kalliwa Hut on the banks of Paradise Dam... I tried every track I could find and there was no where I could find that u can drive in to visit the old hut... I was stopped either by water or...
  18. rob_macca67

    Byfield National Park Solo Explore Trip

    Byfield National Park Solo Explore Trip Report Total Trip Distance: 2579kms Avg Driving Speed: 55kph Economy:11.1ltrs/100kms LINK to all Photos:Photo & Video Album of Trip LINK to Tracklog:Tracklog of Trip Day-1: Well, I finished my Afternoon Shift @ 10pm and headed off towards what I hoped...
  19. rob_macca67

    People's experiences with DUNLOP ROAD GRIPPER F 225/95R16 118/116S Tyres

    Guys... Just looking around for options in getting a spare set of tyres. I'm looking at a high profile tyre (skinny) with an A/T to M/T tread pattern. I've come to realise that the base model 70's come out in a 225/95/16 size tyre and it got me thinking that most owners would swap out these...
  20. rob_macca67

    Is Toyota going to stop selling the Landcruiser in the USA?

    Interesting little Youtube Video: Why The Toyota Land Cruiser Is Disappearing From America