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  1. fazz

    Domin8r winch?!

    hey lads, Thinking its time to update the old vrs 9000lb for the big 79… I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for… $395 for a 12,000lb winch 5 year warrenty Does anyone have one? Any user reviews? If has been posted previously can the admin please move the post Cheers fellas!
  2. fazz

    Hoping for a Watagans day-trip late December 19,23,27,28,29

    Hey Lads, Just putting a feeler out there to see if there is any interest in a day-trip over @ the watagans? The days I have at the moment 19th (all day) 23 (all day) 27 (all day) 28 (all day) 29 (all day) Cheers, Fazz
  3. fazz

    Tray Touring setups

    Following on from discussions in other threads I though it would be good to have thread dedicated to touring setups. Trays, canopys slide on campers or what ever you are doing! I've thrown in some images of setups I've saved along the way... I haven't decided on a setup for my rig yet so...
  4. fazz

    Sydney day trips

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knew of any decent day trips around sydney? Im based out of Dural.. So the tracks I noticed on the database are: - Bloodwood - Vineyards But just wanted to know of any other good day trips around..? Thanks for any help gang! :)
  5. fazz

    Fridge in Steel tray?

    Hey team, You guys usually solved all my questions so I thought I might aswell ask away with this one! Just wondering how anyone has secured their fridge to their tray without having a canopy. I stumbled across this post on another forum. Looks like an awesome idea! UTE Fridge box and...
  6. fazz

    December trips?

    Hey gang, Got some time off over December to do a bit of wheeling before moving to tassie for a year or 2… Just wondering if anyone is keen on doing a trip/trips in December? Hopefully I'm back early enough in November to come on that trip with you! But I thought id put the notice out...
  7. fazz

    2014 79 duel cab rolling 35"s

    Hey everyone, Thought I would introduce my truck. Finally got the 35"s fitted. Truck is all ready starting to look the goods! Very impressed with the tred on the ATZp3's My lux is on the end (left) and the new 79 for comparison. I'm now 100% sure I made the right decision...
  8. fazz

    4 tent options!!

    Hey Guys! New to the site, but just on this topic... I'm in the process of deciding what piece of camping kit to buy... My considerations prior to reading this thread was the - oversized tent cot (mixed reviews) - Jet Tent Bunker (XL) -...