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  1. peejaycruiser

    They grow so fast.

    My 15yo had his first shave today. Apparently he trusted youtube over me.:D
  2. peejaycruiser

    Can't stop watching this

    <iframe width="1922" height="957" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. peejaycruiser

    If you know someone who does this

    Please make them stop.
  4. peejaycruiser

    Some people are muppets

    Waiting for the traffic to cross the road some p plater muppet is sitting at the roundabout texting while the cars are banking up behind him. He could've gone a dozen times over but his phone was more important apparently. As I walk around his car I yell out to get of ya phone. He then decides...
  5. peejaycruiser

    Harry Butler dies aged 85 Sad day.
  6. peejaycruiser

    Gmail issues

    I think there may be an issue with gmail accounts for reply notifications. I'm not receiving any at all, and it's happening on another vBulletin forum as well. Is anyone else using gmail having any issues? It's been about a week or more since I noticed it.
  7. peejaycruiser

    How would you handle this?

    Son comes home yesterday saying he's being excluded from the end of term fun day, having been on detention for being in an out of bounds area along with 4 others. I have no problem with him being on detention if he's deserved being put on it, but what is pissing me off big time is that the...
  8. peejaycruiser

    The upside to the rain

    The five kookaburras in the back yard are nailing every worm in it. Geeze they're getting fat. If they keep going they will not be able to achieve flight.:D
  9. peejaycruiser

    Chief oil

    Anyone using Chief oil from superchump? Getting close to needing an oil change and I'm effectively paying $140 for 20l of Nulons High Torque oil. Since the Caltex depot seems to have shut down in coffs harbour I can't go back to delo 400 without being bent over the counter at their servos.
  10. peejaycruiser

    Well that nearly ended in tears.

    Hired a car trailer to pick up the father in laws 4b and nearly lost the lot. Bloody trailer was setup stupidly, especially for putting a 4wd on. Couldn't get enough weight forward onto the towball because the front barwork stopped it well before it get over the balance point. The drawbar was on...
  11. peejaycruiser

    School end of year presentation

    Went to the end of year presentation today and our oldest in yr 6 got Dux for the year. Big effort for him all year, was school captain and crowned Dux to finish off. Pretty proud of the boy.:D
  12. peejaycruiser

    The doctors dundunderrrr

    So I go to the docs because my bloods come back and he's not happy. Blood sugars were too high as was my bad cholesterol. He says he'll prescribe me some tablets for the cholesterol, here we go for the argument about lipitor but he prescribes me something else. Looks up the side effects and one...
  13. peejaycruiser

    And the Darwin Award goes to....

    Everyone in this video. lol
  14. peejaycruiser

    So long funnyman thanks for the laughs

    R.I.P John Pinette. John Pinette - I'm Starving - Food John Pinette: I Say Nay Nay
  15. peejaycruiser

    For the walking dead fans

    "The Walking (And Talking) Dead" ? A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead - YouTube
  16. peejaycruiser

    Gday from

    Hi all, finally signed up. Don't know/remember (oldtimers disease):eek: many tracks but keen to get the cruiser dirty. See you on the trails.