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    Melbourne flash floods 2011

    Here are a few Pics of round Belgrave (eastern metro Melbourne) We woke up to Saturday morning a knock on the front door from the neighbor telling us to move our cars at my sisters place, we managed to move her partners car before the land had slipped This usually fits 2 cars side by side...

    Happy Birthday Croozer

    Happy birthday to my Croozer, hope you have a great day honey MWAH

    Wedding bells today

    I would love to wish Tom (Sambartom) & Belinda a beautiful wedding today, hope the rain holds off & it is a magical day for you both. See you at the ceremony, don't be late either of you! You can kill me later for starting this thread LOL

    Skipworth Duck Race report

    Some of you may not know what the 'Duck Race' was at the 3rd annual Victorian gathering at Skipworth was so I will explain it & the antics that went with it..... 1. You get a large number of plastic ducks (supplied by Paul D4X4) & you number them then sell them off for $2 a duck per family...

    Time to get my hands dirty

    With the TI needing the valve shims to be done & knowing it is a massive job I thought I would give it a go. 3 weeks ago the TI was parked in the workshop of Gippsland Offroad to measure the valve clearances whilst cold, once measured the boys started to take the shims out to measure them with...

    Melbourne 4x4 show 5/9/10

    Today was another good day at the show, I ended up helping on the Black Snake Production reptile display because the Ateco stand had it under control so didn't really need me, I was handling snakes & lizards introducing them to kids & scared dads LOL. I didn't get much of a chance today to sus...

    Melbourne 4x4 show saturday 4/9/10

    Here is a bit of a report for today at the show To start off today I was up early to get to the show & shine, I left the kids at home with Bruce & his brother for them to come in later so the boys didn't get too tired if they were there all day, 3 hours after I arrived the crowds started to...

    3rd Annual Vic gathering - Skipworth Reserve (ex Granny's Flat trip)

    . Annual Victorian Gathering – Skipworth Reserve - November 2010 Due to numbers exceeding the capacity of the original location at Grannys Flat Campground, we have had to change the location. This has not changed by much, in fact kilometre distance is almost identical and we are still...

    happy 1st B/day GOR

    Would like to put out there a BIG Happy first birthday Gippsland Offroad With being there from the start & watch the business grow it is great to have seen all the faces from Earth come in & say Gday over the last year. Keep up the good Work Matt
  10. WILDTI

    Put the girl in the drivers seat

    This is an expression of interest ATM, it was suggested to me today that I should run a girls day drive, with myself as a experienced female driver i would love to take the girls for a spin at some point, we need more female drivers to be confident & experienced on the tracks for the 'just in...
  11. WILDTI

    Day drive levels

    This poll is for the people attending Granny's flat gathering to let us know how many people that would be interested in what types of driving so we accommodate all levels of experience
  12. WILDTI

    Shelby the Alaskan Malamust needs a sire

    We are looking to breed our 2 year old female pure Alaskan Malamute Shelby in the near future, does anyone know of a male malamute in Melbourne to sire her puppies?
  13. WILDTI

    Happy Birthday Davidman

    Happy birthday David Hope you have a great Day & have a drink or two! We might share a drink on Friday night, I'll even bring a cup cake & a candle with me. Cheers Elise Bruce & kids
  14. WILDTI

    Victorian Gathering travel time preferences

    As part of the organizing team for the next Victorian gathering (formally O'Tooles) we would like to know how long people would travel to get to a destination?
  15. WILDTI

    Jok's BBQ pics & 'Quick 1hr drive'

    Jok's BBQ pics & 'Quick 1hr drive' 2DWRuaeOX7M Sorry for all the photos but I thought I should put them up, I will keep you all updated with how the TI is healing ElDIvLRsMJ0 WEzHuyLLWJw
  16. WILDTI

    Vic chick winch challenge

    Yesterday we took the boys to the vic chick winch challenge, there were some impressive trucks to look & hear as they roar past. We had a couple of friends in the comp that we were cheering on but unfortunately they both got DNF on the last round for the day, the Pro comp Jeep had issues with...
  17. WILDTI

    Craigs hut Trip

    I thought I would start to put some pictures of our Craig's hut trip. The report & videos are still to come Jok presenting Grumpy's bday cake Bushnut & Grumpy Craig's Hut Mt Sterling View to Mt Buller from Mt Sterling Number 2 Campsite on Buttercup Rd Backed...
  18. WILDTI

    More damaging storms

    To anyone in line of this storm prepare for damage good luck Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Melbourne Area
  19. WILDTI

    Custom rear bar

    I'm looking at getting a custom rear bar for my GU in the near future, the sky is the limit with the design, I have been searching the net for ideas and I thought I should ask if members could put up some pictures of their custom bar work. Looking forward to seeing see some of your work.
  20. WILDTI

    Another year has passed for Croozer

    I want to throw out a HUGE birthday wish for my Croozer I hope you have a great day with many surprises. Happy Birthday honey!