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    I got a 3.0lt v6 pajero NH

    After a lot of fixing i got rid of the HOLDEN FRONTERA:eek: and got a PAJERO:D seems to be heaps on the road and parts are plenty it has the usaul tappet and valve stem seal problems,it has full service history and is spotless inside. Iam still recovering from my last spinal operation...
  2. J

    i have had enough of FRONTERA troubles v6 3.2lt

    My old frontera dropped 3cyls so i then saw a another thinking i have done the right thing by myself to surprise the mrs. I bought it for the first 2weeks it was good,then it started to overheat after 15mins of driving.Ok found out the it has new timing belt valves head gaskets was happy toi...
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    Iam Alive thank GOD!

    :eek: Ive been in hospital for the last 11days.I have had a operation on my back (2nd time) this one was a 2level fusion but they had to remove the first time hardware before they could fuse it together anyway 10+hr operation.Straight after i was sick couldnt move headaches they found out...
  4. J

    Wanted 4 wheels

    I need 4 wheels with tyres tyres can have no tread as long it can hold air just to wack on my spare car for parts to move around 6 studd any size rim thanks
  5. J

    Rip My Brother

    just found my brother passed away i cant believe it
  6. J

    if anyone can help

    hi need to find out if 1992 jackaroo spring will or can fit a early model nissan patrol (1991)model? thanks jay
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    Off To Yawal

    Off To Yalwal next couple of hours might head done to yawal for a test and tune and to get the feel of the 4x4 then a bbq to relax! nice day for it
  8. J

    delco remy 201 ..vacum switch

    with this switch what does it do? and how to connect the right way?(3.2lt v6 holden frontera)6vd1 as it is now one of the hoses is getting sucked flat to me dosent seem right 2 hoses one goes to manifold/has a tee piece going to a vavle saver fluid.. the other one goes to ac/unit?.or.brake...
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    have anyone used these tyres?

    Achilles DESERT HAWK A/T 31" 10.5 15 thinking of putting these on my holden frontera 2 reasons to give a bit of a lift i will be doing basic 4wdriving due to my back condition mudd sand has anyone used these tyres what should i be expecting tyre wear thanks
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    2001 frontera mx v6

    need help i want to find out about free wheeling hubs to put on the front of the frontera..and how hard are they to fit? is it possible thanks:eek:
  11. J

    Gregory's 4WD Survival Guide: Driving Skills, Troubleshooting and Vehicle Maintenance

    seen this book at the newsagent some good reading(Gregory's 4WD Survival Guide: Driving Skills, Troubleshooting and Vehicle Maintenance) $25.00. didnt have the cash on me hope its there monday come pay day
  12. J

    what to buy

    wanting to buy maybe 2002-2005 nissan x trail ............or nissan path finder..or kia sorento2003 + what i would use it for easy- moderate trails nothing to extreme due to my back condition something that wont get stuck to easy and towing a camper trailer any comments/advice would be...
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    hi iam new here...

    just joined looking to get into 4wd driving later on. i currentley own HONDA CRV 1999 awd. iam from the wollongong area it will be good to chat and find out a few things on here