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  1. malJohann

    Seek Outside 12 person Tipi

    Not sure if anyone would be interested, but I thought I’d post up my experience with Seek Outside products. Purchased their 12 person Tipi, half liner, half floor and XL titanium wood stove combo, with two nests to keep bugs and snakes out of our sleeping space and bags. The whole setup weighs...
  2. malJohann

    Triton MR aka Grumblebee

    So I got this a couple weeks ago and having a ball so far! Only other 4x4 I’ve had was a KK Cherokee 3.7, but liking double-cab life so far. The name is my SO’s idea, says it grumbles like me. Anyway, this “build” won’t be extreme and add-ons won’t be many. Mainly focussed on trekking and...
  3. malJohann

    G’day from VIC Aus

    Hi all, Johann here from Bacchus Marsh VIC. I’m a double-cab (and ute) newbie. Bought a grey MR GLS and got it Wednesday before Easter, then went camping with it on Easter weekend (canopy and bedliner incoming this week). Reason I bought it was because we needed more space for camping, and we...