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  1. madmonk

    Velcro backed Pockets

    I am looking to use the carpet on the back of my new drawers to attach various sized bags for storage to replace the car seat organisers I have at present. I have found a few different companies that make dashboard organisers like this one from Aussie Outback Supplies - as well as things...
  2. madmonk

    Strzelecki Track to be sealed

    According to an article published by the ABC, the SA government is looking to commencing work on sealing a 50 km stretch of the Strzelecki Track north of Lyndhurst. The state government is hoping to secure federal funding to help pay for the rest of the works. The Strzelecki, along with the...
  3. madmonk

    Replacing my 80 series

    I currently drive a petrol/LPG 1997 80 series but the need for more load carrying capability (and a diesel engine) has me thinking about a Toyota Hilux SR5 Xtra Cab or Mitsubishi Triton. I cannot go to a single cab, as I will still need to take four passengers sometimes. I see there are a lot...
  4. madmonk

    Storage options

    I am having a hard time trying to work out the best way to stash all my gear in the back of my 80 series. At present I have stuff stored in plastic, stackable, crates and secured with tie downs. My 40 litre fridge is located close to the back door and strapped to the floor (no fridge slide...
  5. madmonk

    Should I replace my 80 series timing chain?

    I have a 1997 FZJ80R with the 1FZ-FE petrol engine. Recently I have noticed that it is starting to drop oil on the driveway so I took it to my mechanic who was able to identify that the oil was leaking from the timing cover. Correcting the oil leak is well outside my level of competence so I am...
  6. madmonk

    Are heading colours being changed by the Admins?

    Is it just me or are you guys seeing that the thread titles and other elements have changed from black, to blue and now green? I have noticed this on two different computers using two different browsers (Chrome and IE).
  7. madmonk

    Favourite modification to your vehicle

    I love seeing what others have done to their vehicles as it is always giving me ideas on things to do to mine. So post up (with photos if possible) a description of your favourite modification! And here's mine... I had a switch panel custom made from a company called Viking Panels in the USA...
  8. madmonk

    Camp Knife Recommendations

    I have a small axe, several small folding knives and a machete in my camping gear already but am looking for a knife that is suitable for general all-round use at the camp site. The ideal knife would have a fixed blade with a cutting edge between 100 and 150 mm (4" and 6"), a full Scandi grind...
  9. madmonk

    Dingo Fence at Cameron Corner

    My best mate and I are heading from Wagga Wagga to Cameron Corner at Easter and taking in the sights of Mungo and Sturt National Parks as well as Broken Hill, Menindee and the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers. I wanted to take the opportunity to drive some of the length of the Dingo...
  10. madmonk

    Does my Landcruiser have ABS?

    I have a 1997 Toyota Landcruiser wagon GXL (Automatic) with the 1FZ-FE petrol engine. I am pretty sure that it doesn't have ABS as I can't see any ABS lights on the dash when I start it. However in the engine bay fuse box there is a 60 amp fuesable link present in the ABS position (as indicated...
  11. madmonk

    Necessary to carry a second air compressor?

    A recent camping trip to Tailem Bend for the Australian Scout Jamboree gave me time to give serious thought on how I have my Landcruiser set up for camping and touring. The one thing that stood out the most is that even with an increased GVM, I am still carrying too much weight (and would...
  12. madmonk

    Options for an LPG 80 series

    I have a 1997 80 series petrol Landcruiser that has been modified with a turbo and a larger exhaust as well as being configured to run a petrol/LPG combination. The vehicle has over 316,000 kms on the clock. Recently, the vehicle was diagnosed to be suffering from a burnt exhaust valve. The...