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  1. Maxy

    Lockdown Protests

    If that women was asked to move on and didn't all the police done was help her in which direction.
  2. Maxy

    270 Deg Awning Suggestions

    The Bush Company or Alu cab.
  3. Maxy

    Why Do People Do This!!

    Then say that. I would totally agree with that comment.
  4. Maxy

    Why Do People Do This!!

    What a massive generalisation. I drove a Nissan patrol for 15 years and exchanged it for a Dual cab Dmax. Every place I have been I never left any mess anywhere I have camped or stayed at for 50 years. I don't work out of my car although it does get me to work weekly. Please don't class me as a...
  5. Maxy

    Purchasing new 79 series (can't wait) - Tray and Canopy advice..

    I purchased a jack off canopy as well about 2 years ago. Never been off the ute in that time and I was certain I will have it on and off regularly. Leg jack are heavy (would not like to take them away). I'm lucky my son has a steel tray ute if needed. I also got a fridge partition and shelf...
  6. Maxy

    12v set up and earth

    I have three Anderson plugs mounted on the front board of my tray that feed into my lift off canopy. 1 is the supply from engine battery through a fuse to my dual battery in canopy. 2nd Anderson is power supply to the tow bar to power my caravan from my canopy battery. 3rd Anderson plug runs...
  7. Maxy

    Victoria - COVID 19, What a bloody mess.

    At stuffing the state.
  8. Maxy

    Victoria - COVID 19, What a bloody mess.

    Dans doing a good job.
  9. Maxy

    Victoria - COVID 19, What a bloody mess.

    Dans doing a good job!
  10. Maxy

    New member from Victoria.

    Welcome mate. Enjoy what's on offer. Cheers Craig
  11. Maxy

    G'day from the Sunny Coast.

    Welcome mate. Enjoy. Craig.
  12. Maxy

    DMax transfer case damaged

    Where's Warren
  13. Maxy

    Ooops we ran into some problems Error message

    Paid membership gets rid of adds
  14. Maxy

    Portable fridge/ freezer in the back of the car.

    Turn it on when you need to. It cycles on and off when in transit anyway.
  15. Maxy

    VIC 4WD Access Only Camping

    No ads on my iPad. They disappeared with membership.
  16. Maxy

    Big Cats not the machinery type

    When out bush at times I think I've drank stuff from a feral vat. Was crook for long time.
  17. Maxy

    Oztrail 80L dual zone fridge/freezer & XTM 75L dual zone

    Can't help mate. Run a Waeco and Sterling (Aldi). Happy with both. Cheers
  18. Maxy

    Pod trailer and a Bundutop

    Looks great. I really like the look of that tent. Cheers
  19. Maxy

    Complete Campsite liquidation

    I'm not knocking Dick.Head back to my post all I'm saying he was big on selling imported stuff.
  20. Maxy

    Complete Campsite liquidation

    Old mate Dick Smith made all his money importing Jap electronics. Buy Australian yeah no worries Dick.