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  1. andyjim243

    Sydney Hilux Meet up - It's on again!!! 3rd/4th/5th August

    That's right it's on again at Zig Zag on the 3rd/4th/5th of August. Arriving Friday night and leaving Sunday arvo. This trip is open to all vehicles, we just ask all attendees to respect the fact that it's a meet to get all Hilux, 4Runner and Surf drivers together for a wheel. There is no real...
  2. andyjim243

    5th Annual Hilux/Surf/4 Runner Meet Up!!!! @ the Springs 4wd Park

    Righto guys & Gals (and the usual assortment of weirdos that have made this event one to remember every year) ITS ON AGAIN! Yep the 5th annual Hilux/Surf/4Runner meet at The Springs 4x4 park! This event has grown every year and been an event not to be missed by many. I know i have said this a...
  3. andyjim243

    Wanted, 2.8 diesel 3L Hilux motor

    3l Motor Running Good Condition, Orange,nsw. Will Travel To Sydney If Needed. Pm Me With Details Please
  4. andyjim243

    Toperi 2011, who's going to be there?

    Canobolas 4WD Club, Orange - Document details So, it's on again. Put your name down if you plan on camping for the weekend and enjoying watching the comp driving. It will be good to have a bunch of us 4x4 Earth dudes there together. Cheers Andy LIST. Camping with a full fridge. *...
  5. andyjim243

    NSW - Cooper ST's 285/75/16

    Item - 2 x Cooper ST's 285/75/16- used. Tread depth is between 8.5mm and 10.5mm depending on where you measure each tyre. Condition - Used, never had any punctutres or side wall damage Price - $200 each or near offer. Offers considered. Location - Cranebrook, Sydney. (near Penrith)...
  6. andyjim243

    LN 106 Hilux tailshaft and IFS rear diff housing, Sydney

    I am after two tailshafts, must be dent free and in serviceable condition. The IFS rear diff housing must be undamaged, I only want a housing. I am prepared to travel. Cheers Andy.
  7. andyjim243

    4th Annual Hilux Meet Up - 21st,22nd May The Springs 4wd Park

    You must register for this trip on the 4wd action forum. You should buy your raffle tickets to support the Breast Cancer Foundation. We have to sell them if we going to have the Camper trailer as the first prize, which is the first prize at this stage. I have tickets if you wish to purchase...
  8. andyjim243

    Aluminium air tank

    ITEM: Brand new Aluminium Boss air tank, 15 litre capacity. CONDITION: Brand new in original box. No longer needed. PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $120 cash or direct debit EXTRA INFO: Will post at buyers expense. Contact via PM . LOCATION: Penrith area, Sydney PICTURES:
  9. andyjim243

    Diesel water trap with alarm.

    ITEM: Responsive Engineering Australia - 'Water Watch' System if you run a common rail diesel, this is a must have to save big dollars on repair bills should water damage vital precision pump and injector components. CONDITION: Brand new in original box. Unwanted Gift, I already have one...
  10. andyjim243

    Watto's trip of DEATH!!!!

    RDM (Bob) and myself are very happy to present 'The Watto's trip of DEATH'. Need I say more, we are going bad ass on this one, so here is some stuff you need to know before you commit to this run. You will get panel damage you will need lockers you will wish you had 35's or bigger. you...
  11. andyjim243

    Where to camp within 50k's of Orange?

    I am looking for a camp site within 50 k's of Orange that we can get camper trailers into, we have been to Macquarie Woods before and are looking for something different. the only reason we need to be close to Orange is a mate of mine has to work 2 out of the 8 days we have off, so he has to...
  12. andyjim243

    Toyota 100 series Landcruiser 2000

    Toyota 100 series Landcruiser, 2000 Good Points I can't fault anything, It's an exceptional truck and as always Toyota have built another awesome truck. Bad Points not having the money to modify when I want to. What mods have you done? some has been done already, and now...
  13. andyjim243

    Gu Induction Kit

    we all know that patrols need all the help they can get, so a mate of mine has a buddy that makes these induction kits for GU air cleaners. click the link and read on to see if it will suit. Grungles Homepage
  14. andyjim243

    Sunny Corner, Chick Drive, Day Trip #2

    It's on again Ladies, just gotta sort out a date when I'm not at the Hair dressers or the Day Spa. With all the rain we have had since the last time we might need scubber gear for those 'dry' creek beds. For those that haven't been before, the tracks are rated 'lame/close the bitumen' with a...
  15. andyjim243

    VW Amarok Dual cab ute

    Any one know much about these or driven one? Hungry like the wolf
  16. andyjim243

    Subscribed Threads

    I would like a 'Subscribed threads' quick link, to click on, so I could view all the threads I am watching, At the moment a day goes by and I forget which ones I have been watching. Does this already exist, because I can't see it? Cheers Andy
  17. andyjim243

    Sunny Corner, Chick Drive, day trip.

    Sunny Corner, Chick Drive, day trip. 14th August "So, wtf does that mean", I hear you all ask. Good Question, I'll explain. I'm am seeking expressions of interest in a Day trip through Sunny Corner (turn off GWH at Meadow Flat, drive through to Capertee and head home) I have run this trip...
  18. andyjim243

    Tojo HJ61 12H-T Landcruiser 12/88

    Tojo HJ61 12H-T Landcruiser, 12/88. Wife's shopping trolley Good Points Bullet proof, and good old fashioned mechanical toughness, Bad Points RUST, CANCER, TIN WORM, METAL MAGGOTS etc oh, and average brakes What mods have you done? Not a lot, 2" susp, ext shackles, front...
  19. andyjim243

    Toyota Solid axle Hilux 95'

    Toyota Solid axle Hilux, 95' Good Points I haven't got all day!!! Bad Points Horsepower, but because of that, I have never lost my licence. What mods have you done? Most What mods are on the list to do? undecided Why did you buy this vehicle? ute,4wd and...