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    80 series vibration

    Replaced my diff housing and centre (unknown condition) last week used my radius arms all steering arm brakes, now I have a vibration around 50ks when deccelarating and it's there around 80 checked tailshaft all looks good ,no bearing noise from diff no pulling to one side ,something wrong in...
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    hn7 sd card

    just brought a hn7 2nd hand and it didnt come with the sd card !!! what are the options do i have to go and buy a hema one or can i buy an non original sd card online ,i have totally no idea about this subject so im hoping someone can help ,cheers michael
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    track recommendations licola to jamieson

    im trying to organise an easy weekend for a couple of blokes who have never been 4 wheel driving at all but have vehicles starting at licola and ending at mansfield jamieson way any suggestions would be good ,we will camp at licola on a friday night then head out saturday morning so some easy...
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    removing acrd

    has anyone removed the acrd off their fuel pump mines got a leak and removal could be the best option maybe , if its a good idea let me know?? cheers mick
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    safari snorkel ss 80 hf template

    would anyone have template for a safari snorkel ss80hf ,early model snorkel , laying around in their shed ??? its for a 91 model 80 or maybe someone has theres off and could make a rough copy , cheers mick
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    80 series front pinion bearing

    can i replace the front pinion bearing without removing the diff from the car?
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    bushes in spindle hubs

    does anybody know which year toyota changed from bushes to needle rollers in the spindle hubs , i have a 91 model gxl and it has roller bearings now the bushes for an 80 dont fit in .on the new bushes part that goes in the spindle hub is shorter because the bearing is in there but all 80 bushes...
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    80 series rear wiper relay

    does anyone know where the rear wiper relay is located in a 80 series 91 model with lift up tailgate??
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    nissan 2.8 diesel opinions

    im probably opening a can of worms,is the 2.8 turbo diesel any good or underpowered as im thinking of getting out of my leaf sprung troopy into a coil sprung vehicle ,im looking at a gq patrol at the moment but need more info on these engines,cheers mick
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    My almost trip to the cape

    what a disaster ,left melb on the 7th did a gearbox in a largish nsw town on the 8th [sunday of a long weekend] was recommended a mechanic by the nrma roadside bloke well of the car went ,went to visit on tuesday the mechanic says ill pull it out tomorrow and get the parts and have it back by...
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    the cape "the countdown"

    well two weeks to go till we head off to the cape via cairns to pick up the wife and son ,most stuff done just the fiddly little bits to go ,cant wait 6 or 7 weeks of tropical relaxing
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    Cape York to roper bar

    Has any body does this trip and what is there to see and what would the road be like thinking of heading home from the cape this way then down the middle Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
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    what tyres for trip to cape york

    going to cape york in june and cant decide a/ts or m/ts dont want a lot of noise as wife will be there any help will be greatly appreciated
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    removing 1hz injectors

    how do you remove the injectors ,what tools do i need?? it looks like a 21 mm long socket ,do i use a long bar or can i rattle them off??any suggestions would be appreciated,cheers michael
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    Primus mammoth dual zone

    Had my new primus mammoth dual zone running today had the fridge/freezer section over 50c below ambient Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
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    primus mammoth on solar/battery

    just purchased a primus mammoth dual zone 65 lt fridge freezer and a 170w solar panel now have them hooked to a battery on the back deck fridge @ 2c and freezer @ -10c its now been 4 days and the battery is being fully charged during the day and is still on 12.7 volts first thing in the morning...
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    ridds track tallarook/trawool

    does any body know if this track is in good condition as im going to tallarook in a couple of weeks and was going in ridds tk as it closest to the reservoir campsite as i will be going in on my own on dusk [to meet others]i dont need any suprises,cheers mick
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    1hz injector pump

    are most 1hz injector pump the same ,will a 2001 model fit a 96 model,cheers michael
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    1hz rebuild part 1

    well im picking up another 1hz to rebuild for my troopy tomorrow ,pulling the head of tomorrow arvo and maybe the crank and pistons on the weekend hopeully be back together in a few months with turbo pistons and ihdt rods so it will like the turbo better,cheers mick
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    4bt cummins into troopy

    h any one ever heard of a cummins 4bt being put into a 75 series landcruiser,cheers michael