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  1. Neddysmith

    Dual battery charging problems

    Yeah I've currently got the battery connected to 240v charger to give it a good charge. I'm on the road and been off grid relying on solar and car to charge all batteries for the last 12 days, and in between I installed the second VSR so I'm hoping this will fix the issue but interested to see...
  2. Neddysmith

    Dual battery charging problems

    Hey guys, Sorry for the long post but best to try cover off on everything. So previously I had a VSR wired and connected via Anderson plug to battery in tray, everything worked fine no issues. I then turned off smart charge on my 2012 Ranger and installed a 50A fuse prior to second battery...
  3. Neddysmith

    Dual batt and charging Camper issues

    Each battery holds charge at 12.9V, but looks like I found the fault, dual batt wont hold or charge always round 11.5V so reckon its dropped a cell will get tested asap and hope that's the problem
  4. Neddysmith

    Dual batt and charging Camper issues

    Ok guys after a little advice or direction. Currently 6 days into my 3.5mth trip to WA and NT , noticed that it appears the dual battery in the ute isnt charging, yet when I put multimeter on the Anderson plug it's at 14.3v. So basically my setup is as follows, Ford Ranger 2012 wildtrak...
  5. Neddysmith

    Telstra and why it pays not to be a loyal customer

    Yeah i switched to Boost a few years ago when i needed to switch to Telstra so i could get reception at my bush block, 20 per month for 5gb data and unlimited calls etc more then enough for what i use my phone for and worst case i get the 30 plan for a month or two and get 20gb for the month
  6. Neddysmith

    Problems wiring a Projecta dcdc charger

    Thanks mate, obviously using the ext lead although provides the volts cannot handle when the load comes on. So hopefully when i install the lead to back of the ute and then onto the camper it will resolve this issue.
  7. Neddysmith

    Problems wiring a Projecta dcdc charger

    Unsure, its pretty small and can handle solar input etc, but i think this maye be the issue. I will hopefully wire up the correct Amderson plug wire tonight for the ute and then connect everything up without using the extension lea to test, this was only a temp solution to test but hoping this...
  8. Neddysmith

    Problems wiring a Projecta dcdc charger

    Sorry guys might have been a bit unclear. I am going to be running a seperate cable which splits from my dual battery in the car that will be 6BS cable, only to the rear of the ute. HOWEVER, i was just using the 10m ext to test the dcd charger before i wired everything and bolted in place etc...
  9. Neddysmith

    Problems wiring a Projecta dcdc charger

    Hey guys, So preparing to go away on a lap for 3 months and wired up a Projecta IDC25 DCDC charger to the camper this afternoon, tested it out and connected the solar up first recognized the battery as AGM and solar input and then started charging no issues. Connected up the car just using a...
  10. Neddysmith

    Campfire what do you use

    We are about to head for 3-4 mths and just bought a flat pack jobbie, 4mm steel, so should last well and pretty heavy, but its going to live in the camper but should be ok
  11. Neddysmith

    Roof Top Cargo bag

    Hey guys, Had a Ridge Ryder roof top cargo bag that has juts pulled away at the seams, so after a replacement. What is everyone using and how waterproof do you rind them? Was looking at a Rola Platypus but reviews on how waterproof/weatherproof they are, are pretty mixed.... Cheers
  12. Neddysmith

    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    I have a 2012 wildtrak with 3.2 manual. m running TJM Bullbar with winch, spotties, lightbar, running 285/7 17R aggressive ATs, usually tray is empty, hve roof racks with awning and racks over the tub, around town mid to low 10s, highway mid 9s.
  13. Neddysmith

    Political correctness just going crazy.

    Which reminds of when i got taught way back when on how to put on a belt the correct way, "The male is always right boy!!!"
  14. Neddysmith

    Ford Service complete JOKE

    Thanks Guys, Yeah a guy on NEw Ranger forum helped me out, just had to download some configuration files to hook up correctly to the PX1, I think it is also called something different to PX2 and PX3, either way its all done now. Cheers
  15. Neddysmith

    President Trump

    One thing regardless is that the leftist woke society is getting far to much voice and credit and weakening EVERY western culture at the moment, its really a sad direction i can see us heading in.....
  16. Neddysmith

    Ford Service complete JOKE

    Yeah you can get a Forscan for $40-$70 which i might look at doing, didnt really want to bother with it for a once off use, but might just do it
  17. Neddysmith

    Ford Service complete JOKE

    So just gave Ford a quick call to get the dual battery/smart alternator turned off on my Ranger PX1, they wanted $150 for a 5 minute job which i think is absolute disgrace, just validates my decision to avoid them like the plague......
  18. Neddysmith

    Bulb Changing Rant

    Yeah my mate is a panel beater, he was telling me years ago i think it was on a Ford Lazer maybe it was a 40 min job to remove and refit a front bumper and then they changed the mounts or something similar and it went from 40 mins to 3hrs and required 2 people....... @Ranger_Scott, im look at...
  19. Neddysmith

    a little suprise from 4wd suercentre

    Supercheap having been doing this for years, through their membership card, if you buy something and it goes on special i think within 2 weeks of purchase they give you a credit to the value of the price difference on your card to use on your next purchase, no min spend and i think maybe 1 mth...