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    Happy Birthday Old Girl !

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Police reports must be true Nutbush I"m out & about terrorizing local neighborhoods, well only the local watering hole tonight. Only 30 young but as they say 'only as young as the women you feel' Oh hang on I am a woman & crap I am 30 (Oh I think the...

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    Hey There All

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    Yet another newbie

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    Skipworth 2010 on 4wdtv tonight

    Hi Bill, plans are already in action for this year's gathering & weekend of 12th of November has been suggested at the last meeting but it is still early days.

    Skipworth 2010 on 4wdtv tonight

    Yeah that was a big ooops, because I had already aired down & it was sealed road to where the crossing was I seemed to forget to put it in 4wd & I wondered why I was struggling to get over the lip on the other side till I hear Simon say 'Elise put it in 4', Oh well I did get the Tool of the trip LOL

    Wandin 4WD Show today

    AAHHHHH I remember now, I seemed to humor him enough but you can't change a persons mind when they are dead set with their thoughts. Just remember what pay back is about.

    Melbourne flash floods 2011

    My dad will love this printed & put up on his wall as a reminder PMSL
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    Gday from The Adelaide Hill

    Welcome to Earth
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    Melbourne flash floods 2011

    There was an expected 300ml of rain that was supposed to fall last night but it never came thankfully. We went for a drive up to my sisters place today & a little bit more of the driveway is lost, we also went down my dads street & the tree is gone, we could drive all the way from start to...
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    Melbourne flash floods 2011

    Here are a few Pics of round Belgrave (eastern metro Melbourne) We woke up to Saturday morning a knock on the front door from the neighbor telling us to move our cars at my sisters place, we managed to move her partners car before the land had slipped This usually fits 2 cars side by side...
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    Hi Everyone

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    posting photos

    I use photobucket & I don't have to pay
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    Mitsubishi Triton 2005 Sound System for camping

    Look at a unit that has Ipod & USB so that you don't need to cart CD's around with you
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    Welcome to Earth Shane & family
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    Say G/day

    Welcome to Earth Smally
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    Hi from SA

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    Hi from the newbie

    Welcome to Earth fellow neighbor
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