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  1. Mk05explorer

    2005 MK Triton engine swap

    Can anyone tell me whether a 4m41 engine will fit inside a 2005 mk triton?
  2. Mk05explorer

    2005 mk glxr turbo diesel Triton

    Mostly stock .. swapped tub for tray, led light Bar up front, BFG mud terrains, heavy duty shockers, snorkel, slightly modified engine bay in regards to boost pressure etc. Cannot fault the old girl has never let me down and has conquered some bad ass tracks out there. Big plans for future will...
  3. Mk05explorer

    2005 MK triton glxr 2.8 turbo diesel

    Hi guys. I've been searching the Google and the forums for hours but can't seem to find anything on this particular issue that can somehow possibly resolve it in anyway. Like alot of us I'm trying to save $$$ at mechanics. My abs light has come on and won't go away, so far I've bled the...
  4. Mk05explorer

    MK Triton centre support bearing (driveshaft)

    Anyone who ever attempts to replace the centre support bearing on an mitsubishi mk triton, I'm here for any advice needed just send me a pm. Just replaced mine. Made a huge difference to driving and comfort. Cheers Mk
  5. Mk05explorer

    Shout out to the lone warrior

    Hi guys. I was on the Deddick Trail a few days ago on my dirt bike (first time instead of 4x4) which was a great experience. Although I ran out of fuel about 3 quarters of the way along the track. I pulled the bike aside and with half a bar of service and no one for miles I managed to get a text...
  6. Mk05explorer

    2007 / L200 repair manual It's the last post on that thread by a guy called digital chris
  7. Mk05explorer

    Tennyson Track Via Buldah (VIC)

    Well worth a trip down Tennyson Track if your in or around the area of Cann River. For a novice driver the track will be pretty challenging as it's steep, Rocky, and has sharp switch backs that need to be navigated properly the first time. A lot of commitment needed when driving this one. For an...
  8. Mk05explorer

    Deddick valley

    Anyone have a condition report on the Bowen Track that runs off the Deddick trail? Cheers
  9. Mk05explorer

    St Helena Spur Track

    Hi guys Has anyone been down st Helena Spur Track off points road near Gelantipy in Victoria? Have read it's a very hard track. Keen to check it out. But first would like to hear anyone else's opinions Cheers Mk
  10. Mk05explorer

    Snowy River National Park

    Just a map of the Snowy Region if anyone is interested. Thought it would be useful for some. Cheers
  11. Mk05explorer

    Woods Point - Snowy River National Park

    Woods Point camp ground on the banks of the Snowy River 05/01/2018 Perfect spot for the family. Kids can swim in the river as it is crystal clear, Sandy bottom, and knee height at most from one side to the other. Note - track conditions are easy to moderate
  12. Mk05explorer

    2005 mk triton canopy

    Hi all. Looking for a White 2005 glxr mk triton canopy if anyone has one at a reasonable price. Cheers
  13. Mk05explorer

    "Diff Drop"

    Guys can someone give me the straight forward explanation to what a Diff Drop actually is? Cheers MK
  14. Mk05explorer

    Hollow out the cat

    Hey guys Any thoughts or expert advice on hollowing out my catalytic converter on my triton 2.8 TDI. Last night out in the shed a came up with this idea. So far I like it but can anyone point of any bad points to running it like this?
  15. Mk05explorer

    2005 mk triton turbo setup

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to making my turbo louder as it spools up. Or just to give it that cool turbo sound? At the moment you can hear the turbo spooling but its rather quiet. Thanks in advance
  16. Mk05explorer

    2005 mk triton glxr

    Hi guys Just wondering a bit about the mk triton suspension setup. Can i replace the standard shock absorbers with longer ones to increase travel? Or do I need to change a whole bunch of other things? I'm trying to get around the whole one wheel lifting off the ground issue when tackling tougher...
  17. Mk05explorer

    Greetings from Far East Gippsland

    Hi all, Obviously new here. I'm Sam. From gippsland, originally grew up near Dargo. Have been 4wding and exploring since I was roughly 7 or 8 years old. Have done numerous trips around the alpine national park and the snowy river national park. Love my 4x4 more than anything else (some days I...
  18. Mk05explorer

    Mitsubishi Triton 2005 GLX-R

    I can't fault this truck yet. It's taken me everywhere I have pointed the wheels. 2.8lt intercooler turbo diesel, BFG mud terrains, snorkel, 2 inch lift. I feel these triton are very underrated and deserve some more credit. Great interior design and sturdy 4x4 and family bus. 300nm of torque...
  19. Mk05explorer

    Mayford Spur Track Via Dargo High Plains

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but an avid 4wd'er with high to expert experience. I was looking threw some maps on Google earth and I started to remember the Mayford Spur Track which runs from Mayford camp grounds to Dinner Plain. My question is does anyone know if this track is passable...