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  1. McGinnis

    DCDC sizing

    I use an enerdrive 40a dcdc (max output is 50a - who knows how they come up with stuff). I have it set to 30a max output for my 125Ah Lifepo. The battery only discharges heavily when I’m doing long trips, so 30a is perfect for me - it doesn’t need to charge at a high rate. You’ll have to figure...
  2. McGinnis

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Who said you were talking about using a firearm for self-defence? I mean, you did, by implication. We're not talking about the availability of spanners or baseball bats unless I've misinterpreted this thread pretty badly. I beg your pardon if my inference was incorrect but it seems fairly clear...
  3. McGinnis

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    For the record I have a firearms licence. Your comment and others below it assume from what I said that I’m anti-gun. I’m not. I’m anti-‘easy access for nut jobs’. I want rigorous controls around attaining them and sensible limits to their use - which is what we have for the most part.
  4. McGinnis

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Yeah, cause all those nations with easy access to weapons are such safe places.
  5. McGinnis

    "Safety Dave" rear cameras

    Looks like it's all just just marked-up generic AliExpress gear. Can't believe people would actually buy this gear without the specs. Not telling people the details of a camera, like it's resolution? Sounds like they just don't know what they're selling.
  6. McGinnis

    Tennis Players Granted Covid Exemption

    So if an engine seizes it's not an engine? >.> Nothing works 100% effectively 100% of the time...
  7. McGinnis

    Tennis Players Granted Covid Exemption

    Nobody of repute has at any point said a vaccination "fully protects" anyone. Most people seem to understand that fact, and therefore seem to also understand that unvaccinated people present a higher risk of transmission than vaccinated people do. And yeah, it should be the other way around...
  8. McGinnis

    Any Scuba Divers here

    Nice, that'll give you some solid peace of mind also. A tip with the transmitter - put it at the end of a short piece of hose coming off the same side as your watch arm. Some of the older ones struggled to transmit very far so moving it away from the tank helped (probably not a problem anymore...
  9. McGinnis

    Any Scuba Divers here

    I've been a diver for about 18 years now. Despite how long I've been doing it, I still don't consider myself a "pro" in any way, and I think that's where a lot of people go wrong. Diving (in particular things like wreck, cave and deep diving) are just about the deadliest sports there are. Even...
  10. McGinnis

    Battery cut-out voltage

    My point is there is no magic number. Some quote 12.05, some lower, some higher. 12.05v is 12.05v, sure, but that doesn't somehow mean every AGM is at 50% SoC at 12.05v. It's up to people to make the best decision they can by knowing as much as they can and not just accepting arbitrary figures...
  11. McGinnis

    Camp Knife Recommendations

    Had the same thing happen, couldn't bear to let mine go (a leatherman supertool) - ended up hiding it in the carpark outside the terminal until I flew back in - it was still there when I came back!
  12. McGinnis

    Apple Carplay install in Troopcarrier 70 Series

    I have in both my 75 and 76. It's the same as any other double din install, and works perfectly. From memory one of them is a Kenwood DDX9017DABS or something similar, haven't had any problems with it.
  13. McGinnis

    Battery cut-out voltage

    The voltage at 50% depth varies from battery to battery - some manufacturers put it as low as 11.90v. But totally agree, just get a lithium. Lighter, cheaper in the long run but with higher upfront costs, and so much better.
  14. McGinnis

    Battery cut-out voltage

    Maybe too much information for a simple task, but if you do want to monitor your battery properly, get a shunt-based monitor like the Victron BMV712 or something. It will measure current in and current out to advise you more accurately of your battery's state of charge. I don't know if any SoC...
  15. McGinnis

    Battery cut-out voltage

    It depends on the battery, but typically for an AGM, I'd say ~12.0v or a little lower. That'll being you to roughly 50% state of charge. Check the details of your particular battery though as they do vary. Also note you're better off being conservative - minimising deep discharges will prolong...
  16. McGinnis

    Campervan with family of 4 may be stranded for 2 weeks after getting bogged.

    Even 'reputable' news outlets use Facebook and Twitter as information sources. It kills me seeing Twitter quotes from the general public embedded in an ABC article. The source doesn't matter all that much anymore because a lot of it comes from the same places - the big thing is how verifiable...
  17. McGinnis

    Battery cut-out voltage

    High. Cutting out at 11.1v, the battery is already well into degradation territory. I don't really like the built-in battery savers on fridges, though I understand why they're there - for those that like to plug and play. They tend to cut out too low even on high, and cut back on too low...
  18. McGinnis

    Dual battery setups explained

    You would be far better off mounting the battery and DCDC in the tub. This has a lot of advantages, including keeping your DCDC and battery much cooler (and therefore extending their lives - dramatically in the case of the battery). It also means you can run much lower gauge cable to high-draw...
  19. McGinnis

    May have found who make kings hardshells

    My only response to those videos is... yeah, I mean it's Kings. Caveat emptor. And 90kg for a RTT is just insane - you couldn't pay me to put one up there.
  20. McGinnis

    CARP_NSW can be returned to the water

    Speaking from experience, they "ask for advice" and ignore it completely.