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  1. megamung

    Bertiehaugh Road to stay open

    A win for now, great track did it a few years ago.
  2. megamung

    QLD Gov cracking down on hoons

    these people reflect badly on us all, if they are guilty the penalties should be a lot harsher than a small fine.
  3. megamung

    The joy of 4 wheel driving

    I Have been watching these guys from when they first started on Youtube. I know Marty from my days on the RS liberty forum and had a few beers with him at meet-ups and after cruise days many years ago. I liked this video 1. because I have a soft spot for Suzuki's as I had a Vitara as my first...
  4. megamung

    mistakes can be costly

    sad news .
  5. megamung

    2019 Toyota Fortuner

    Hi all Well this week I I picked up my new ride. After 8 years and 180 000Ks my D40 has gone. It was becoming a money pit and the aircon dying in 38 degrees was the last straw. I was considering for a long time getting a 100 and looked and drove about a dozen over the last 12 months but never...
  6. megamung

    Is spending 30k on a cruiser with over 300k on it a good idea?

    Hi Guys, I have been contemplating trading in the ute for a cruiser. I am looking for a diesel, auto and don't want anything too old. To replace the ute it has to tow over 2 tonne and it will be my work car, I travel from Brisbane to gold coast, sunshine coast, Toowoomba and around brissie...
  7. megamung

    travelling the cape solo

    hi guys we are leaving Bris for the cape on the 17th was going with two other families, one who had been before. in the last couple of weeks they have both bailed on me for different reasons. i have been trying on and off to get there since the early 90's and i will be buggered if this is...
  8. megamung

    Hi all

    hi there, new member to your site have been lurking for a while as a guest, decided to join in. just got my self a new ST Navara dual cab , stock at the moment but going to be prepping it for a trip to the Cape in sept 2014. so yes i have a bit to do, i dont want to be left behind when my...