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  1. Joe_Devola

    Remove water in fuel with additives?

    Hi all, so im pretty sure ive put some dirty fuel in my 4WD. I topped it up with a jerry can and its been running like a hairy dog ever since. Can anyone recommend an additive to put in the fuel to help dissipate the water and clean it out? I know draining the tank is the best method but if I...
  2. Joe_Devola

    A win for the KJ!

    I dont get to brag often so here it is. Took the Jeep to Lakefield National Park (in FNQ) over the weekend with a few mates. The rain left the tracks very muddy. As we were leaving our camp, we went through a water crossing with a very steep and muddy hill to climb on the other side. Of the 4...
  3. Joe_Devola

    Roof basket for KJ

    Im seeking a roof basket for the KJ. Given that the KJ is a bit of a short arse, id like to know what size baskets people are using for theirs? Where is the best place to buy them>?
  4. Joe_Devola

    Whats with the Jeep hate?

    Hi all, I have noticed a lot of hate and jibes directed towards Jeeps on various 4WD forums. Is there a specific reason for this or is it just the usual fanboi stuff? I purchased a KJ Jeep about 3 months ago as I now live in Cape York for work (my 1st 4WD). Whilst im still learning, my Jeep...
  5. Joe_Devola

    Jeep Cherokee KJ Renegade

    2005 Jeep Cherokee KJ Renegade 3.7L V6 Good Points: Comfortable, powerful, lots of features. Bad Points: Petrol, Uses a lot of fuel, limited storage in the boot What mods have you done? ARB Front air lockers Bilstein suspension ARB Bullbar ARB Spotties Grande 12000lb Dyneema rope winch (Car...