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  1. J03l

    lpg removal from 80 series

    hey everyone just wondering before I start removing the lpg system from my car is it as straight forward as remove the tank and stuff under bonnet? also going to put a sub petrol tank back in as someone has changed it before I owned it
  2. J03l


    hey new to the 1fzfe engine just wanted to know if this is just another oil drain plug for block or something else TIA
  3. J03l

    bullbar for 80 series

    hey does anyone know if a 79 series winch bullbar will fit onto the 80 series or do I need to make new brackets? TIA
  4. J03l

    Engine swap

    My 2.4 in the surf shit itself what engine would be good to replace it looking at the 5L any suggestions cheers
  5. J03l

    New to 4wd

    I'm Joel 23 new to the 4wd community and keen to get out and have fun and learning new things