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    New Memory Map for All

    I've downloaded the app on my phone and computer, but doesnt look like I can use existing Maps, (ie Getlost Maps and Ozi Maps) ?
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    Climate deniers view

    EV's arent about lower running costs......
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    Re-indexing Torsion Bars

    Jack it up yourself, need to have min 60mm drop, otherwise wind it up to what you want
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    4WD Advice - New or Continue With The Old

    100 series, bigger, more comfy
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    Hzj105 with no drive in any gear bar 5th

    Yeah the R151 is puss in a cruiser, mates old man blew one behind a stock 1HZ too. Most people just flick them for a H series box, cheap upgrade.
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    Re-indexing Torsion Bars

    Good stuff yes the 100's are the easiest to lift, I did what you suggested but with the standard torsion bars to lift it right up.
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    Genuine Vs. Aftermarket Brake Pads

    I found bendix rubbish, they last forever but dont stop.
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    What tires will fit these rims

    37 x 12.5 Maxxis Trepadore
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    Tyre Pressure Recommendation - XAT GO16 LT275/70R18 - Nissan Patrol Y62 S5

    I have the same tyres, Yokohama produce load inflation tables, for me it worked out in the 33-35psi range, car rode great at these pressures but tyre edges were wearing a little and the fuel economy suck, I've since settled on 38-40psi.
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    Kevington Pub is for sale

    Been for sale on and off for awhile now, needs a lot of work, building is pretty knackered. I was up a couple of years ago when it went to auction, got to a very good price considering, but they knocked it back.
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    2008 76 series 130L tank

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    Mayford Spur Track

    Easy to find, I walked the start of it last year, you can see it running up the spur. Heard of it being driven, very steep and nowhere to fail.
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    What do people know about roof racks?

    Varies vehicle to vehicle, my 100 series has factory fitted nuts in the roof for rack mounting.
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    The marvel of silent inverter generators

    Cant wait to buy a Honda 22i
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    Runva 13XP into Standard LC 79 steel winch bar ?

    Either way, you will need the Toyota winch cradle to fit any winch. It has the standard 4 bolt winch mounting pattern.
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    Don't lose a finger - Closed winching system

    That why winches get supplied with a fabric tether to the hook, per the Warn operation guide, that is what you hold while guiding the hook to the storage point.
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    Rooftop Maps now available digitally.

    Sad, the best maps, but trying to work with the worst platform.
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    What bull bar should i get

    Pre Covid you could do factory tours at their head office and see bars and heaps of other stuff being made.
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    Ideal tyre pressures

    Or just use chalk for a short term check
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    What bull bar should i get

    If you've had a chance, pre pandemic ARB did 4x4 club tours of the factory in Melbourne they make heaps of stuff locally.