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  1. rudolfweyers84

    Mahindra Pikup S10 Karoo DC

    Hi, yes I am
  2. rudolfweyers84

    Mahindra Pikup S10 Karoo DC

    We had our Pikup for more than 2 years now, and enjoy every moment of it. We have done a couple of trip, and put the vehicle through its paces, and it performed really well Currently we are planning for a 22 day tour of of the north western parts of South Africa, where we will be doing mostly...
  3. rudolfweyers84

    Current model Mahindra Pik Up. Do you have one ?

    We've had our Mahindra Pikup for just over 2years now. Had 1 or 2 minor problems, but was sorted out quick and easy by the dealer. Its always interesting to see other guys on 4x4 trips look at you, thinking this guy is going to hold us up or struggle, and then to their amazement, match or out...