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    Hema 4WD update for ios

    My Hema 4wd app updated overnight, they have added 8 new Vic High Country maps, I wonder how the new maps compare to the Rooftop map series? I’m glad to see they are still keeping Hema 4wd up to date even if they seem to have lost their way with 4x4 Explorer Have a great Easter everyone Aaron
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    Hema’s new 4x4 Explorer App

    Has anyone ponied up yet for the new app? I have been running Hema 4wd for many years now on the ipad and love it, I also have the 25k topo maps for NSW loaded into the app. Being able to search for a track or campsite would be useful when planning a trip and having my waypoints syncing to my...
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    70 series Toyota Warn superwinch

    The 9000lb warn superwinch Toyota sells for the 70 series is significantly cheaper than the 9000lb Warn winches Arb sells. Obviously with the addition of the winch plate, the winch fits in the Toyota steel bar. I know other winches also fit in the Toyota bar. I hate the look of the Toyota bar...
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    Could a Revolution lithium have a fan as part of the bms?

    Hi all, last night I was camped right beside my car and heard a wirring noise multiple times whilst trying to go to sleep (it was hot and two possums we’re having a barney). This was hours after turning the car off and I have never heard this noise before? It wasn’t the fridge, I know what it...
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    Battery temp and charging

    Thinking about changing my electrical setup and mounting one of the Australian direct slim agm batteries behind my drawers in the back of my challenger. The specs say max battery temp for charging is 40c. I will have solar mounted on the roof and charging will be via a Redarc bcdc1225d. On a hot...
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    Hema 4wd iOS update

    Sometime last week Hema released an update to Hema 4wd, they gave us some new all of Australia maps at different resolutions but took away a lot of the regional and state maps as they were “outdated” Yesterday Hema gave into the complaints about people missing those maps and released a kb on...
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    How much do you reckon the new ARB Linx will cost?

    Just had a look at the website for the new Linx electrics control module thing, looks pretty expensive, not really sure who the target market is?
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    Arb fridge voltage drop

    I have a new arb fridge and the remote fridge monitor mounted on the dash. The remote fridge monitor displays the fridge temp and the voltage. I also have a gme uhf wired to the spare cigarate lighter wiring in the storage box. The uhf displays voltage as well. 2 optima yellow top batteries are...
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    Three Mile Dam Snowy Mountains

    Hi, Thinking of camping for a week down in the NSW snowies early Jan 2017/ One spot that looked nice was at Three mile dam. Can anyone confirm if the water is usually freezing cold from snow melt, and if not is it full of weed so not nice to swim in? Apart from Keebles Hut and Tom Groggin, any...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Hi, I did the Hunter range track from Putty to Howes Valley on the weekend and came across several clearings with two water tanks plus a third pad for a temporary pool for filling the helicopter bucket. At one of them, across the track from these tanks was the following, It had a padlock...
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    Yarrangobilly to Wee Jasper or Canberra

    Hi, Looking at the maps you can follow fire trails from Yarrangobilly thru to both Wee Jasper and Canberra. Does anyone know if the roads are still open or they are gated? If there is an open route and it was dry what are the tracks like? Cheers Aaron
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    Ipad and memory maps

    Hi guys, Last week i scored a ipad 4 for xmas from the boss, and have installed the memory map app and the east coast hema maps. I went this route as i can't see us heading to central or northern australia for a few years yet so wouldn't have gotten much use from all the extra maps you get when...
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    Hi, long time lurker, just joined up to this great resource. I drive a 2012 pb challenger, its currently stock apart from nudge bar and 1 driving light plus uhf and gme 4705 aerial. My previous 4wd was a disco series 2 a few years ago. So far its been to fraser island and the watagans a few...