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    I got a 3.0lt v6 pajero NH

    After a lot of fixing i got rid of the HOLDEN FRONTERA:eek: and got a PAJERO:D seems to be heaps on the road and parts are plenty it has the usaul tappet and valve stem seal problems,it has full service history and is spotless inside. Iam still recovering from my last spinal operation...
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    i have had enough of FRONTERA troubles v6 3.2lt

    Some great news for once... The guy from the caryard where i purchased the 4x4 has rang the people that have done the head and timing belts on the 4x4 and will fix the spark plug tube seal also will flush out the block to get rid of the metal fillings.Plus the man from the caryard will buy a...
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    i have had enough of FRONTERA troubles v6 3.2lt

    i have orded new tappet cover kit which includes tubes seal $140 for the both sides
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    i have had enough of FRONTERA troubles v6 3.2lt

    My old frontera dropped 3cyls so i then saw a another thinking i have done the right thing by myself to surprise the mrs. I bought it for the first 2weeks it was good,then it started to overheat after 15mins of driving.Ok found out the it has new timing belt valves head gaskets was happy toi...
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    Iam Alive thank GOD!

    Thanks devo73 with any luck i should be released todoay but have to remain in bed for 3weeks at home have shower in morning and straight to bed,iam over the worst of it now all my obs have been good for 3 days still finding walking abit hard i was staying in figtree private hospital must...
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    solar panel hook up

    Hi rainsey if possible could you draw a diagram plz pictures tell a 1000 words's lol iam in hospital and finding it hard to read due to medication,cheers
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    My 01 Frontera

    yeh iam the same once i get out of hospital,there are some tracks down nowra way or mossvale camping too i also drive a holden frontera mx lwb
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    Iam Alive thank GOD!

    Thanks guys for the replies yeh iam hanging in there,still having trouble walking without aid.But i cant wait to go bush/camping with the family.The fluid leak is not fun MILLSY SUMMED IT UP A BIT it can also lead to brain swelling or menengitus yeh iam lucky to notice it early. my aim is too...
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    Iam Alive thank GOD!

    :eek: Ive been in hospital for the last 11days.I have had a operation on my back (2nd time) this one was a 2level fusion but they had to remove the first time hardware before they could fuse it together anyway 10+hr operation.Straight after i was sick couldnt move headaches they found out...
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    Action Cams - Go Pro White vs Navig8r Pro

    i have the Laser Navig8r Pro Sports Camera CRAP! i dont like it sound is very poor and the picture is no good after 6meters in front of you battery goes flat real quick i got it cheap of a manager i know from a shop maybe a cheap chinesse one would work just as good as this one
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    TV while camping what aerial do you use ??

    this might help for NSW digital tv reception areas New South Wales Digital TV Transmitter Sites
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    Wanted 4 wheels

    Hi i just got some wheels thanks anyway
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    Air bag suspension

    I have airbags work great,i never fully pump them up always leave a little in case of getting bogged or just need a bit more height to get over a rock or stump just jump out pump up a bit more and off ya go.Towing is great overall it makes the 4x4 handle better corners, i might put some on the...
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    Wanted 4 wheels

    I need 4 wheels with tyres tyres can have no tread as long it can hold air just to wack on my spare car for parts to move around 6 studd any size rim thanks
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    Ankle update

    oh man..... do you need op for the ankle?
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    Rip My Brother

    I need to find out if any cheap accomadation in ROCKAMPTON QLD if any one knows plz for a nite or 2 have to organise funeral and stuff thanks
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    Rip My Brother

    thanks everyone for the thoughts and condolences iam so guttered not much more i can say
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    Rip My Brother

    just found my brother passed away i cant believe it
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    Has anyone used one of these hand winches?

    i have used the 4tonn hand winch on my lwb holden frontera got stuck in a mudd hole both fron wheels and diff on the rear drivers side wheel sunk and passengers wheel in the air.There was no way the hand winch would pull it forward logical thinking and safety i pulled it backwards about...
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    Bit of Fun - Merge the names of two 4X4's

    frontera and patrol=...frontrol