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    Provent 200 catch can questions

    Too true :) My view is just clean intake every 100,000kms or so if you are hanging on to the vehicle for that long. Its not a hard job in these small diesels. If you own a ford, you can probably do is as a quick side job while you're fixing any number of other issues under the bonnet. If...
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    Provent 200 catch can questions

    I know right! Yeah I added one to my Range Rover - it solved all of its problems. I took the catch can out of my Ford Ranger and now the temperature gauge doesn't work and instrument cluster flickers at me. I should add one of those aftermarket airboxes with a little pod filter next.
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    Provent 200 catch can questions

    Is anyone here an engineer with practical experience in this area? IMO the aftermarket is taking the piss out of consumers. I too have seen dealers take photos of catch cans, even ones they fit themselves at the customers request.
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    New ranger. Any owners

    They're all at ford dealers getting the tailshaft wobble and other problems fixed.
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    Bigger treads 32/33?

    Does lift make any difference? It doesn't on a hilux or a ranger unless you have an adjustable aftermarket UCA. The combination of rim offset and tyre width which changes the wheels outside scrub radius is what you want to get right. Expect to get some rubbing at full steering lock and maximum...
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    2nd spare tyre puncture -reality vs fantasy?

    When I take a second spare, I take it as my risk analysis says its a good idea. I wouldn't worry about it so much on the SImpson, but I have and would again on the Canning. The Simpson is a short trip and there are plenty of people around. The flatbed out isn't ridiculously expensive either...
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    Canning Stock Route

    In addition to indigenous communities, some of those dots are probably mines. The Telfer mine west of Kunawarritji has great reception at least 20kms from the mine.
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    Canning Stock Route

    When I did the Canning, I carried a satphone. If I was to do it Canning again, I'd do the same thing.
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    Tyres in soft sand

    If that was full story, all vehicles would be fully independent suspension. Maybe land rover is doing something right.
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    Tyres in soft sand

    Yes I found the same - there is little out there to confirm. I have found from my cycling experience that increased volume and therefore floatation plays an important role on sand. I have a fatbike with 26x5.0in (5 inches wide) tyres. While the rim on the fatabike is 26in, the outside diameter...
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    lpg removal from 80 series

    Yes its straight-forward enough. Naturally, ensure its completely empty. You may need to have a certified lpg inspector give you the paperwork to say the system has been removed - I'd check with your state RTA on the requirements.
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    2008 KUN26R Hilux Glow Plugs not Firing

    Had any work done to it recently?
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    Genuine Vs. Aftermarket Brake Pads

    Akebono ceramic
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    Touring mods

    Yep, plenty of space there. My mate got a 2nd spare in the spot where the seat was on his D3.
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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    I'd like to see it. The conversions I've seen look nicely finished on the outside of the chassis but lacking a bit on the rust protection when you send a camera inside down the chassis rail.
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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    A LC300 with an extended chassis wouldn't be much fun on the Canning either... and most 4wd tracks for that matter especially with an increased GVM. Are there any extended LC or other that have been around for 10 years yet? I'd love to see how they are holding up compared to a stock chassis.
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    300 series fuel filter placement

    It is a good spot. Much more sensible than the filter location on my RRS. I find it entertaining that the aftermarket have come up with a filter protector before its been identified as needing protection. But what is really funny/sad... people will buy the protector.
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    The Canning reopens

    If you know your car, you should be ok. When I did it 2018 my lux was 12 years old and had 330,000kms on it. We travelled with a similar age D3 which has no problems. Its a long trek but it isn't technical if you're familiar with sand dunes and stick to the main track. I did destroy a set of...
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    A Landcruiser 70 Series for any occasion

    I've seen stock 70s throughout Africa, the middle east and here doing amazing things. The aftermarket mob with the help of influencers and no-idea keyboard warriors on forums, take the piss 70 owners here.
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    Who to vote for?

    Where is your science to support this?