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  1. Muddybugga

    Be nice to your old truck ,pic

    Well got the call to come pick up some freight ..they said it was only one small pellet the old mazda 1993 ,was pushed to the limit and a slow trip home it was ,with the odd wave to pass was the feature of the trip ,it was only 8 kms ,but felt like 20 ,poor old thing ..2.6 litres of power...
  2. Muddybugga

    Bullbars ,steel or alloy ?

    HI All ,looking at getting a bullbat for bulls lol,Triton ... LOOKING AT WEIGHTS ON A FEW .the alloy was not much lighter should i save the $$ and just go steel I'm guessing steel is better cause if ya hit something you can straighten it easier than alloy ...alloy looks nice but after my...
  3. Muddybugga

    A dummy trying to understand off set .

    looking for NICE rims for a 2018 Triton (I'm a sucker for polished rims ) .I'm going for 8x 16 's because i want more tyre ..I was told I need +20- +30 offset .most rims that size ,have limited selection in style ,well i should say none I LIKE .all the ones I like are 0 offset what does...
  4. Muddybugga

    Anyone running TOYO tyres

    HI All ..muddy as shit here ..just thinking of changing me rims to 16' s so looking at tyre options ..thinking 265,75.16 TOYO Muds anyone has or had them ,and are they a ok brand ..looking for a softer ride ,got 275-65-17 BF'S .all terrain ..good for street ,but streets are not my thing ,lol
  5. Muddybugga

    Falken muddy's

    HI thinking of mud grips next ,anyone using the falken muddies ...they look good ..?Ace tyres in Brisvagas have a special on them at the mo .
  6. Muddybugga

    does a lift kit give a softer ride ? TRITON

    AS most would know the Triton can be a pretty hard ride at times ..they are pretty light compared to my old cruiser , but around town bliss to turn and drive ,thinking of going a full suspension change over ,i know a lot of people on the forum have lift kits just wonder if i will get a soft...
  7. Muddybugga

    Thinking of lifting ,for bigger tyres .2018 TRITON

    just over a year now with the Triton 4 door ,still stoked ,running 275/65/ 17 all terrian BFGOODRICH ,wish I'D gone higher profile as the triton are quite stiff in the ride ..over bumps that is my 9' diesel rims .so gonna go higher profile ..but i reckon they will rub in the front so...
  8. Muddybugga

    whats the biggest tyres I can have on my 2018 triton ,

    HI ALL ,I just brought my first brand new 2018 triton ,even though I have owned many 4Wd 's and still have 2 ,but rust buckets decided to buy a new truck .obviously the pimping has begun ,I need to get rid of those road tyres for a start ,skids on a heavy dew . AS I live on a island ,bringing...