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    tom grogin advice

    The national sparks and wildfires website this morning said the alpine way was closed due to a vehicle collision, i ws wandering why it said it would take a few days to reopen?
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    Hema 4WD update for ios

    My Hema 4wd app updated overnight, they have added 8 new Vic High Country maps, I wonder how the new maps compare to the Rooftop map series? I’m glad to see they are still keeping Hema 4wd up to date even if they seem to have lost their way with 4x4 Explorer Have a great Easter everyone Aaron
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    Fridge wiring size help please!

    Chances are that the tip of the cigarette plug on your current lead will unscrew revealing an Engel posifit plug. You can buy from places like bcf an Engel fridge wiring kit which includes everything you need to run a fused cable from the start battery to the back of the car and an posifit socket.
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    tom grogin advice

    I believe the whole northern section of the vic high country is closed after the fires last year, definitely Mt Pinibar is closed
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    How to buy ARB online

    The Queensland Arb stores have all invested heavily in social media, they do lots of trips throughout Australia via Campr and Creek to coast. The nsw stores have bugger all presence on Facebook, not sure about the other states. Roger Vickery who was the Qld state manager did a great job.
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    How to buy ARB online

    I’m in Sydney but purchased my Arb swag via email from Arb Coopers Plains without issue. They offered zippay.
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    New Hema 4x4 Explorer App

    Purchase the 25k topo maps thru memory maps website then load them into Hema 4wd
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    Hema’s new 4x4 Explorer App

    Has anyone ponied up yet for the new app? I have been running Hema 4wd for many years now on the ipad and love it, I also have the 25k topo maps for NSW loaded into the app. Being able to search for a track or campsite would be useful when planning a trip and having my waypoints syncing to my...
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    More mod cons and a price rise for the 70 series

    Carplay is available on the corolla, camry, prius, rav 4, ch-r and the hiace. No real 4wds
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    More mod cons and a price rise for the 70 series

    The plastic bit that goes between the gear levers and the centre console that gives u the extra cup holder and bigger phone holder can be found for $50 on eBay
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    Where to: 79series full builds.

    I’m pretty sure Andrew St Pierre White said that his chassis extension on his current build 79 series was an option any Toyota dealer could organise with some mob in Melbourne, but most dealers didn’t know it could be done
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    All Things 76!

    Have you upgraded the clutch yet? You will need to after the remap
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    Gaia GPS

    I asked Hema a month or so ago if they had plans to get hema 4wd into carplay, apparently they are not remotely interested. This will be there downfall
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    70 series Toyota Warn superwinch

    The 9000lb warn superwinch Toyota sells for the 70 series is significantly cheaper than the 9000lb Warn winches Arb sells. Obviously with the addition of the winch plate, the winch fits in the Toyota steel bar. I know other winches also fit in the Toyota bar. I hate the look of the Toyota bar...
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    South coast NSW to Perth

    Depends on how much time you have for the journey, I would be checking out Port Lincoln, Kalgoorlie and Esperance
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    5th Annual NSW Meet - Barrington Tops May 1-3 (Cancelled)

    With a decent 4g aerial and a 4g dongle, you can get ok Telstra coverage from the camp
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    Vic High Country - Must see tracks

    I believe that whole area is closed after the fires?
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    Monitoring Solar from Cab

    Not hard at all really, the key thing is only the cable from the battery side of the shunt goes to the negative post of the auxiliary battery, no other cables go to the negative post. So for an insitu install you would take all the current cables off the negative post, attach them to a bus bar...
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    Monitoring Solar from Cab

    Yep, i have the monitor mounted to the top right of cargo side of the cargo barrier so i can see whats going on when at the back of the car, whilst sitting around camp or driving, i keep an eye on whats going on via the iphone app.
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    Monitoring Solar from Cab

    Look at the Victron bmv 712