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  1. Madlandy

    12th Vic gathering?

    Has anyone done anything about/started the ball rolling for, the gathering this year?
  2. Madlandy

    2017 xmas drinks at otooles

    Its getting close to that time of year again. The silly season is almost upon us. Which means many things, none more important than the annual gippy crew Xmas drinks. This year the festivities will take place on the wkend of sat the 16th of December. Give us a comment if your up for it with...
  3. Madlandy

    Closed track permits

    just wondering if anyone knows how to go about getting a permit to drive from licola to Jamison over mt skeen when it's under snow. I believe its a requirement to be part of a registered club/group or something? Does anyone know If there's any way around THAT particular requirement? Cheers.
  4. Madlandy

    Waterproofing canvas

    Good morning campers and travellers alike, I'm after ideas on waterproofing old canvas. I had heard once years ago from an old timer on the railways, that painting it with bondcrete was 100% successful. It seems a little to easy to me. Anyone else ever heard of this? (If yes, do you know the...
  5. Madlandy

    Australia Day wkend 2016

    im heading to Coffs Harbour at Easter for some (hopefully) fairly hectic and "how ya goin" fourwheel driving. Anyway, the 4 days long way round into the vic gathering at otooles was supposed to be the final shakedown. That said, after a considerable amount of mechanical carnage and the...
  6. Madlandy

    Otooles legends.

    Well can I just say, what a mint bunch of blokes. Especially the gippy crew and in particular jocko, gunna, Dave and all the boys that came up to help me out. Gunna escorted me all the way to heyfield. What a champ! Those dozen beers were nowhere near compensation enough lads so I'll be sure to...
  7. Madlandy


    hey there. Had to register a new profile cos i couldn't even remember my Old user name, let alone the email account (I think it was a hotmail one?!?) or password! Anyway, what's goin on? Looking forward to making it to The vic gathering in 6(ish) weeks. Hope someone is planning a ridiculously...