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  1. MUX STX

    Still around.....just too busy

    Probably not a lot interested, but I am still visiting the earth base on rare occasions. Very busy with the new coffee lounge which is growing at a steady rate. I still enjoy catching up with the interesting posts that pop up from time to time. Cheers Glenn
  2. MUX STX

    A new venture.......Yarraman Qld

    I thought i would check in, been a while since I have, The new coffee lounge is going gangbusters and we are so busy the simple things tend to be forgotten. Unfortunately we have to sell our new Jurgens poptop as we can't see us going anywhere for a few years, the joys of small business. Cheers...
  3. MUX STX

    "DESIGN" Something To Think About ?

    Took me a while to figure out "TIC" but yes you are correct. Some take life a little too serious IMO.
  4. MUX STX

    "DESIGN" Something To Think About ?

    It is very clear to me, that frigg'n bus tore the front off the
  5. MUX STX

    A new venture.......Yarraman Qld

    Thanks for the good wishes, we should do alright. We are on a busy highway as well as the very end of the new England highway. Not so many trucks but a very popular route for caravans, RV's and camper trailers heading west or inland to north Qld. Like 4Wd driving.......nothing ventured nothing...
  6. MUX STX

    A new venture.......Yarraman Qld

    I have some news for you all: After retiring 14 months ago and doing lots of traveling we have decided to drop anchor and buy a coffee lounge in Yarraman, 20 mins down the road from our house. We take over on the 24th April and close for the first week to strip the place out and basically...
  7. MUX STX

    Pesky annoying telemarketers copped my wrath.

    One that has been doing the rounds a lot lately is a call from Microsoft stating that you have a problem with your windows program, it IS a scam to access your bank details. I was well aware of the scam long before they rang 4 times in a week, my wife took the calls and told them...
  8. MUX STX

    Birdsville Bakery SOLD !

    Camel lump or two?
  9. MUX STX

    Northern NSW/QLD border Overnight Trip (Part-3)

    Great photos thanks for letting us travel with to speak
  10. MUX STX

    Camper trailer for sale (new pics)

    Bump! This trailer could be fitted with a under slung water tank, kitchen or anything else you want to do, basically a blank canvas. Remove the RTT and carry a boat up there instead.
  11. MUX STX

    fitted the cage

    There is always something new to do.......................
  12. MUX STX

    Camper trailer for sale (new pics)

    Finally pics available
  13. MUX STX

    Camper trailer for sale (new pics)

    Maybe because the pics are on my facebook page, not sure what to do next. Will try to up load pics later.
  14. MUX STX

    17 inch rims

    Be aware that 17 inch tubes are not available in au yet.
  15. MUX STX

    Camper trailer for sale (new pics)

    I have my RTT camper trailer for sale, we now have a van and do not need the camper anymore. This camper is built on a heavy duty high sided QBL braked trailer, rated at 1.5 tonne. We only used it for 5 weeks early last year (caravan parks only) and found the whole setup worked really well. On a...
  16. MUX STX

    4x4earth needs a new slogan

    I heard a rumor that the prize for the best slogan is a brand new patrol..................could have heard wrong I guess. ;)
  17. MUX STX

    4x4earth needs a new slogan

    4x4 earth........where earth meets the stars
  18. MUX STX

    Ctek via solar and alternator

    I have a ctek d250 fitted to our van. If you wish to charge your battery by using your solar panels you must disconnect the solar controller from the panel, you then attach wire to the solar input which is marked. I also run my ctec via my alternator on the vehicle, to be honest I would get a...
  19. MUX STX

    Where are you???

    I was heading home a few minutes ago and I accidentally ran over a red bellied black in the middle of the road, twice, second time he was not happy to see me, can't imagine why. Not easy when the abs kicks in, and I simply rolled over the thing. I say accidentally because the greenies may be...
  20. MUX STX

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Best guess is that Toyota want to make sure you get the right part, Repco could not give a rats patute