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  1. 03hilux

    This is the way I wish I could drive... :)

    Thats just a normal days driving around Sydney
  2. 03hilux

    R u ok?

    Hi All, How is everyone going now that we are slowly coming out of lock down? I know many on here enjoy getting out and about, along with catching up with friends and family. Has the easing restrictions lifted ones emotional state? I have been lucky enough to to go work throughout it all, and I...
  3. 03hilux


    English lessons anyone?
  4. 03hilux

    Outrage's favourite photo's

    Great photos Matt. Thanks for sharing.
  5. 03hilux

    R u ok?

    Maybe they originally were, hence the "bark"
  6. 03hilux

    R u ok?

    I dont know whether to laugh or not, but i will. Maybe to confirm your belief in a new age dog, see if it will drink an almond milk latte.
  7. 03hilux

    Anyone interested in a 4by trip???

    Remember Ourimbah is closed now Luthy.
  8. 03hilux

    When you guys are out and about with friends fourwheel driving, how do you's communicate?

    If you believe the greenies, us 4wders are caveman like, so a simple "ug" is sufficient.;)
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    I went to the shop today and bought a 9ft Christmas tree. When paying for it the cashier asked " Are you going to put that up yourself?" Shocked by such as question, I responded " No you pervert, Im going to put it in the Lounge room."
  10. 03hilux

    which Prado ?

    My Prado is a 2008 GXL, V6, AUTO with dual aircon. Heaps of power on tap. No issues towing. People will say they are thirsty. I'll go on record and disagree. Urban running, i use an average of 11.2L/100km and open road I'll avaerage 10.6L/100km. I run a 2 inch lift, roof racks, awning and an...
  11. 03hilux

    Where cars are made

    Here's the next part of the video
  12. 03hilux

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    250,000 is around an average km mark. The NRMA claim an average family car in NSW travels 20,000km per year. So a 2008 built car would have around 240,000km. There are plenty with over 300,000km for sale, butif you shop around, you should find a few with less than 200,000km on them.
  13. 03hilux

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    Ive had my 120 for just over 3 years now. Its a 2008 build V6 Auto. The only issue i have had was the evap unit corroded through on the dual zone A/C. Lucky for me, I work in the mechanic game, so got a new one for the right price and paid my workshop mech to fit it. A regular customer would...
  14. 03hilux

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    I disagree Mike. Its the minority that are morons, and it is those that have the loudest say. Remember it is 2020, the era of the egotistical
  15. 03hilux

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    So he will fit in perfectly as a world politician.
  16. 03hilux


    I went to the specialist today about my bad knee. Aftermuch poking and prodding, he said "I'll have to amputate above the knee." I responded "How will I survive if Im only a shin and foot?
  17. 03hilux

    Changes to Shannons insurance policies .

    This all would come back to your earlier comment Alby regarding manufacturers wading depth. This is where the insurance company would have a way out. On another thought, if my factory wading depth is 800mm, and I give my car a 2 inch lift, informed my insurance co, and they are ok with it, would...
  18. 03hilux

    TJM HunterValley - appalling service and incompetent fitters

    This is true, however, should the store be unwilling to rectify their mistake, the customer will often call a "big name" head office to voice their concern. The vast majority of tyre shops are franchise set ups, and the HO will encourage the store to fix it at store level. Some customers will...
  19. 03hilux

    New YouTube channel

    Great work Todd. That beard is a lot longer since I saw you last. Lol
  20. 03hilux

    Bet you cannot answer this question

    Is it because LR owners care a bit more than most and would rather have their vehicle running as it should, and owners of other makes just make do?