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  1. 03hilux

    Easter Weekend Get Away... if you were allowed to go.

    With all of us members for the same reason, lets share our "would be" Easter Weekend Away. Where did you plan to go, what were you planning to do once you got there, and how long were you planning to be away? Due to work, I am only having the 4 day easter weekend. My wife and I were only...
  2. 03hilux

    NSW NPWS Closure - Covid-19 Alert.

    This came through today. I searched the related campground for this years NSW'earth meet, and found some further information. I checked other campgrounds and the dates given seem across the board. The notice is in force from today, 26th March,2020 through to 5pm, 31st May 2020 until further...
  3. 03hilux

    Happy Birthday Hendo75

    Happy Birthday Jarrad @Hendo75 . Hope you've had a great day mate.
  4. 03hilux

    User name no longer your weapon of choice

    When I first signed up to 4x4 Earth, I drove a 2003 Hilux. Since then I have had a Disco and now a 2008 Prado. Who else has a vehicle within their username but no longer have it. What do you drive now? I know of a few on here, and the main culprits seem to be Hilux based.
  5. 03hilux

    Photos of Mossy. Not the Cold Chisel one.

    I finally found time to take my new Prado to get dirty on the weekend. We went for a drive into the Watagans to a few favourite spots. Only being armed with my phone for a camera didn't stop me from finding things to photograph. One of the stops was a place called Boarding house dam, where we...
  6. 03hilux

    Congratulations! Its a.... 2008 Prado

    So after changing jobs a few months ago, I thought why not sell the Disco and change my car too. So after combing the interweb on and off, and a 4 hr round trip to look at it, I settled on this. Its a 2008 Prado, Auto V6. The previous owner looked after it well too. Along with a full service...
  7. 03hilux

    R.I.P. Ted Bullpit a.k.a Ross Higgins

    I have just heard that Ross Higgins died today. I hope he took the bloody Kingswood with him. May he R.I.P.
  8. 03hilux

    For the Nissan Fans

  9. 03hilux

    R.I.P Gene Wilder

    R.I.P to Gene Wilder, A.K.A Willy Wonka or Deputy Jim, and later in life, the face of many memes.
  10. 03hilux

    Just lucky or sheer skill????

    Nice landing rover
  11. 03hilux

    UK Leaving EN

    What does it mean for the UK now its elected not to be part of the EN? Have they shot themselves in the foot, or will they move forward easier? Will there be a UK in the future?
  12. 03hilux

    Stockton Beach After The Storms

    As many of you that have travelled the east coast of NSW, you would have driven Stockton Beach and grabbed a few happy snaps of the Sygna shipwreck. After the severe low that brought storms and heavy swell to Newcastle over the weekend, Stockton has again changed for ever. The large heavy swells...
  13. 03hilux

    O2 Sensors

    I recently had to replace the O2 sensors on my '99 Discovery 4.0ltr V8. That bit I had no issue with, but paying $165 each, I did. I read on a facebook forum that BA Falcon sensors will do the trick, but the plugs either have to be changed or an adapter harness made. Does anybody know where I...
  14. 03hilux

    Earth Day

    I just learned today is Earth day. Well, what can I say? I never realised this forum was so we recognised it gets its own day. Happy Earth day everyone.
  15. 03hilux

    Currumbin Anzac Ceremony

    I have just watched on the news that Currumbin RSL is thinking of down sizing next years dawn service because it is costing them too much. The news said last years cost the RSL $240,000 to do, and this years has already blown budget. My question is, should the Local, State and Federal...
  16. 03hilux

    Show Us Ya VIGUS

    Having just learned that such a car exists, I feel it fair that owners have a chance to share their experiences. Here is a quick article I found on them; Thanks for sharing.
  17. 03hilux

    OI ! Where are you going?

    With Easter upon us, and the school holidays very close, where are you heading for the break? We have just come home from 10 days in Fiji, and with work commitments, we will be staying close to home for both.
  18. 03hilux

    Terry Towelling Hats

    There is a small discussion within another thread about a 4x4 Earth branded TT hat. I myself dont mind them and would happily wear one. Would you?
  19. 03hilux

    Who has 4wded Overseas? ( I don't mean water crossings either)

    I cannot recall a specific thread about forumites doing any 4wding while overseas, so I thought I'd start one and see where it goes. Feel fee to share your own experiences, and include pics. ( Remember, If there's no proof, it didn't happen) I haven't, but am hoping to do a little when I go...
  20. 03hilux

    Emptying a Porta Potti

    Found this video on the Myswag forum.