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  1. FranksnBeans

    Giantz 12v air compressor

    The kings twin compressor sells for $240-ish. So it's not a "cheap" unit necessarily but not a premium product either. In terms of spares I'm not going to be carrying a rebuild kit for an air compressor. I carry spare wheel bearings, full set of belts and filters, oil and brake fluid and a set...
  2. FranksnBeans

    Provent 200 catch can questions

    My mechanic installed a catchcan on my 80 Series. He said the intake was pretty wet with oil. I was getting a bunch of other stuff done at the time and just agreed to it without thinking too much about it. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't know how much oil vapour gets recycled through...
  3. FranksnBeans

    Vehicle safety

    I agree totally. 20 years riding sports bikes around Sydney teaches you how to "read the traffic" if that's a thing. I don't ride anymore but you quickly learn to look 5 or 6 cars ahead in traffic rather than the one just in front of you. You can almost predict when someone will cause an...
  4. FranksnBeans

    Vehicle safety

    I have an old 1991 80 Series. I love it to bits but I'm under no illusions about it's safety compared to a newer, modern vehicle. I don't have any kids so I accept this risk as my own. If I was planning a lap of Oz with kids in the vehicle I'd bite the bullet and get something newer and safer...
  5. FranksnBeans

    Giantz 12v air compressor

    I avoid Kings stuff like the plague usually. I have only bought two things from 4wd Supacentre over the last 6 years. One is a hillbilly hotplate which I don't mind, the other is a twin-banger air compressor which I like. It does get hot, sucks a lot of juice but pumps a lot of air too. There...
  6. FranksnBeans

    What Are Some Vehicle Vulnerabilities During 4X4?

    My understanding with running hot diffs through a cold water crossing is that if water is to be sucked into the diff it will happen at the first instance. Much like a metalworker quenching a red hot piece of steel in some water, a hot diff will rapidly cool within a few seconds, causing...
  7. FranksnBeans

    Some advice please . Perth to Melbourne

    We just started pulling into potential campsites around 3-4pm each day. We'd check 2 or 3 and then settle on our favourite one for the night. If one site doesn't suit you for any reason just drive another 15mins and you'll find one that does! Every spot we stayed at was beautiful. There is...
  8. FranksnBeans

    Some advice please . Perth to Melbourne

    Why not both. Go inland and along the Murray in one direction and take the coast in the other direction. I haven't camped along the SA coast but I spent a few weeks travelling the Murray a few years back. There are literally thousands of fantastic spots on both side of the river. You'll have no...
  9. FranksnBeans

    Hema HX-1 or IPAD mini with HEMA maps

    I did for that exact reason. It's been faultless over 3 years of use.
  10. FranksnBeans

    Hema HX-1 or IPAD mini with HEMA maps

    I bought a used ipad mini from They were great to deal with (no affiliation with them, just excellent service). They grade the condition of their devices. I can't recall exactly which condition they graded the one I purchased as but it was one or two grades below perfect...
  11. FranksnBeans

    Engineers certificate

    Ok. Fair enough then. I didn't mean to insult you. Fair play. Not too sure what you'll be able to do here honestly. You MIGHT be able to find a mechanic to rego it, but it will get harder going forward. No insurance company will touch it tho, so you'll be stuck doing what Steve suggested and...
  12. FranksnBeans

    Engineers certificate

    I agree with Steve. I think you're pushing $hit up hill here. For good or bad, the monster truck days are over. And ask yourself honestly if you need a 6-inch lift. I don't know anyone who ever got stuck and said "If only I had a 6-inch lift". It's one thing to lift an axle up with a forklift...
  13. FranksnBeans

    70 Series handbrake and brakes

    Eh. What can you do. They're all like that. There are aftermarket options available but they're expensive. And honestly I never, ever park it out of gear anyway so it's no really an issue. There are occasions where I may need to stop and clear a branch off a track or whatever, that I would...
  14. FranksnBeans

    70 Series handbrake and brakes

    I can't speak for 70 Series but the handbrake on my 80 Series is non-existant. My mechanic always adjusts it though... bless him. It works for a day or two after adjustment but then stops working again. Essentially it has no handbrake. I still pull the lever up whenever I park just out of habit...
  15. FranksnBeans

    Freezing the lettuce

    I don't bother with heads of lettuce at all. Much easier to buy a pack of rocket and shove that in your fridge. If you put a sheet of paper towel in there after opened and fold it over it keeps for a week!
  16. FranksnBeans

    $20K to spend what should I buy!? (need dual cab with tray or tub)

    To be fair my 80 has had it's steering box re-welded and engine mounts replaced. A lot of these stereotypes have some basis in truth, and when you're in the market for one of them they're worth keeping in mind. One of my mate's Rangers had it's gearbox replaced under warranty, I have another...
  17. FranksnBeans

    Great Central Road

    One of my best mates has a small property (10 acres or so) in the Noosa hinterland. He lets a local bee keeper run 4 or 5 native bee hives on his property in return for a few kgs of honey on the regular. He doesn't do it for any sort of return financially or otherwise, merely as a way to help...
  18. FranksnBeans

    Pooping in the Simpson

    I usually burn my toilet paper where possible. I've used two different methods of burning but curious to hear what others do. Either way it starts with a 30cm deep hole. First method is to carry a small bottle of lighter fluid and some matches in my toiletries. A small squirt of lighter fluid...
  19. FranksnBeans

    Rooftop Maps now available digitally.

    I hear this a lot on here and other forums. Maybe I'm missing something, or people with much more experience are upset that tracks or locations they personally know about aren't on the maps. Maybe they've had technical issues. I don't know - but I've used the Hema Explorer app for years now...
  20. FranksnBeans

    What 4b to get

    This is the situation I'm in. 1991 80 Series that has had *deep breath* new engine mounts, rear diff rebuild, gearbox rebuild, turbo and fuel pump rebuilt, new radiator and the head is will come off this year sometime for a refurb and a new gasket. This is on top of standard stuff like all new...