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    Hilux starting problem

    Much appreciated mate Look similar to my fuse box, Waiting for my parcel to get delivered.
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    Hilux starting problem

    Yes it is 28341-11010, but I ordered from same website from US. The new part number is 28341-11020
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    Hilux starting problem

    Hi mate, i am not sure if you still on the forum I have 1993 hilux rn105 22r peteol. its start doing same problem as you mentioned previously on your car. I am looking for a relay but unfortunately cant find its not available in Australia. The part number you mentioned on your post It looks...
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    Blowering dam Tumut

    Hi everyone, I am going to camp at blowering dam tumut for only one night as i am working all easter. Departure, 1-4-21 returns 2-4-21. Anyone want to tag along let me know.
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    Pajero IO

    Hi just bought another 4x4 pajero IO 1.8l patrol engine not many around to see now a days.Good car but under power Does anyone know if its gonna make it on sand driving?
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    Toyota prado Kdj150 3.0 td

    unfortunately only seen one with only 90000kms on it and i picked up for $32k
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    Toyota prado Kdj150 3.0 td

    Hi, just bought a nice and clean never been offroad prado2013 only90000kms on it. But i feel the car is under power.Is this normal with these cars? thanks
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    Between the mountains

    We camped once again near the mountains
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    Snow driving

    Hey fellas, Is there any place in nsw where i can drive on snow?? Any track near kosciuszko? thanks
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    Mount Hotham and few high country tracks

    24-06-2020 to 26-06-2020 I completed a Solo short trip to victoria. Covered Mount Hotham, Mt terrible, poletti track, Camped at Mansfield State forest next to river.
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    Lithgow 2-06-2020

    Yes lost city
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    Lithgow 2-06-2020

    Short trip to lithgow
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    Hema hx-1 vs Vms

    looking to buy off road navigation but confused, Hema is $550 and VMS touring from 4wd supa centre is $300 Any big difference in both of them?
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    Battery draining

    Thanks mate will do everything professionally checked before replacing the battery
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    Battery draining

    Replacing battery next week. cuz planning for short trip to mount hotham Camp ground 2nd week of june before track closures. Spoke to supercharge batteries its costing $300 I think is the best.